countries with most borders

The countries with the most borders. Image: Pixabay

Which countries have the most international borders? See here

Many of world’s countries share borders with several neighbouring states. See which ones share the most here.  

countries with most borders

The countries with the most borders. Image: Pixabay

Here is the list of countries that share the maximum number of borders with neighbouring states according to data from Worldfactbook.

Some of the world’s largest states dominate the list, due to their size and the length of their boundary lines.


The total length of China’s land borders is 22,457 km. It borders 14 countries.

These include: Afghanistan 91 km; Bhutan 477 km; Burma 2,129 km; India 2,659 km; Kazakhstan 1,765 km; North Korea 1,352 km; Kyrgyzstan 1,063 km; Laos 475 km; Mongolia 4,630 km; Nepal 1,389 km; Pakistan 438 km; Russia (northeast) 4,133 km and Russia (northwest) 46 km; Tajikistan 477 km; Vietnam 1,297 km.


The total length of Russia’s land borders is 22,407 km. It borders 14 countries.

These include: Azerbaijan 338 km; Belarus 1,312 km; China (southeast) 4,133 km and China (south) 46 km; Estonia 324 km; Finland 1,309 km; Georgia 894 km; Kazakhstan 7,644 km; North Korea 18 km; Latvia 332 km; Lithuania (Kaliningrad Oblast) 261 km; Mongolia 3,452 km; Norway 191 km; Poland (Kaliningrad Oblast) 209 km; Ukraine 1,944 km.


The total length of Brazil’s land borders is 16,145 km. It borders 10 countries.

These include: Argentina 1,263 km; Bolivia 3,403 km; Colombia 1,790 km; French Guiana 649 km; Guyana 1,308 km; Paraguay 1,371 km; Peru 2,659 km; Suriname 515 km; Uruguay 1,050 km; Venezuela 2,137 km.


The total length of the DRC’s land borders is 11,027 km. It borders 9 countries.

These include: Angola 2,646 km (of which 225 km is the boundary of Angola’s discontiguous Cabinda Province); Burundi 236 km; Central African Republic 1,747 km; Republic of the Congo 1,775 km; Rwanda 221 km; South Sudan 714 km; Tanzania 479 km; Uganda 877 km; Zambia 2,332 km.


The total length of Germany land borders is 3,694 km. It borders 9 countries.

These include: Austria 801 km; Belgium 133 km; Czechia 704 km; Denmark 140 km; France 418 km; Luxembourg 128 km; Netherlands 575 km; Poland 447 km; Switzerland 348 km.


The total length of Tanzania’s land borders is 4,161 km. It borders 8 countries.

These include: Burundi 589 km; Democratic Republic of the Congo 479 km; Kenya 775 km; Malawi 51.2 km; Mozambique 840 km; Rwanda 222 km; Uganda 391 km; Zambia 353 km.


The total length of France’s land borders is 3,956 km. It borders 8 countries.

These include: Andorra 55 km; Belgium 556 km; Germany 418 km; Italy 476 km; Luxembourg 69 km; Monaco 6 km; Spain 646 km; Switzerland 525 km.


The total length of Turkey’s land borders is 2,816 km. It borders 8 countries.

These include: Armenia 311 km; Azerbaijan 17 km; Bulgaria 223 km; Georgia 273 km; Greece 192 km; Iran 534 km; Iraq 367 km; Syria 899 km.


The total length of Austria’s land borders is 2,524 km. It borders 8 countries.

These include: Czech Republic 402 km; Germany 801 km; Hungary 321 km; Italy 404 km; Liechtenstein 34 km; Slovakia 105 km; Slovenia 299 km; Switzerland 158 km.


The total length of Serbia’s land borders is 2,322 km. It borders 8 countries.

These include: Bosnia and Herzegovina 345 km; Bulgaria 344 km; Croatia 314 km; Hungary 164 km; Kosovo 366 km; North Macedonia 101 km; Montenegro 157 km; Romania 531 km.


While South Africa is not among the states with the most borders. It does however have a sizeable boundary with neighbouring states.

The total length of South Africa’s borders is 5,244 km. It borders 6 countries.

These include: Botswana 1,969 km; Lesotho 1,106 km; Mozambique 496 km; Namibia 1,005 km; Eswatini 438 km; Zimbabwe 230 km.

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