cheapest easter eggs

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Here’s where to buy the cheapest Easter eggs

Do you want the sweetest deals? Look no further.

cheapest easter eggs

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It’s Easter egg time! Supermarkets across South Africa have a huge array of Easter eggs and there are plenty of offers to take advantage of this long weekend. Here’s where to find the best deals.

Easter this year falls on 4 April 2021 and now would be the time to stock up on your Easter Egg stash. May we suggest Beacon’s Marshmallow Eggs? It’s a favourite, why fix what isn’t broken?

So, where to get the best deals? We’ve compared prices so you don’t have to.

Easter Eggs: The sweetest deals

The cheapest Easter Eggs

Beacon now comes in smaller boxes of eggs. Instead of the standard 48 eggs, you’ll now get 36 eggs per box. Of course, that means we’re now paying more per egg, but at R2 per egg, it’s still a pretty sweet deal.

Not all price tags are created equal, so you’ll have to be smart about it if you want the best deals. Clicks recently dropped the price to R64.99 per box of 36 eggs, meaning you’ll spend R1.80 per egg.

Second on the list is Makro, clocking in at an average of R1.94 per egg. Makro also stocks Cadbury Fluffies Mallow Eggs and a box of 30 will cost you R69.95. That’s about R2.30 per egg.

Alternatively, you could get your stags from Pick ‘n Pay at R79.99 for a box of 36. That works out to approximately R2.22 per egg. You’ll also save 20% when you buy two boxes.

Most expensive Easter Eggs

That brings us to the next point: Checkers and Shoprite, what are you thinking charging R2.66 and R3.10 per egg, respectively? That’s more than 60% on the average price.

However, you can also get a 75g packet of Jacquot Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs for only R29.99, or 240g Riegelein Easter Eggs for R79.99 from Checkers. Use it, don’t use it, might be worth it.

Then, of course, there’s Takealot, where you get a box of 36 Beacon Marshmallow Eggs for R120 – or R2.33 per egg. Shipping will also take four to six days, so you might not get it on time.

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