Chandre Goosen

Mrs SA hopeful Chandre Goosen is driven by service to others. Image: Supplied

Women and children first for Mrs SA finalist ‘Lady G’ and her husband

Mrs SA contender Chandre Goosen and her husband, Olof Joubert, have made it their mission to be there for women and children in need.

Chandre Goosen

Mrs SA hopeful Chandre Goosen is driven by service to others. Image: Supplied

Chandre, aka Lady G, is committed to empowering women and standing up for those who don’t have the platform or means to do so.

She is one of 25 women competing for the title of Mrs South Africa 2020. Beyond the pageantry world Chandre has a passion for fashion, cars and radio, and hopes to one day add “TV presenter” to her already impressive resume.

Couple a force to be reckoned with

Her husband, Olof, is an attorney whose personal injury law firm handles cases countrywide.

Together they are the definition of “couple goals” — and a collective force to be reckoned with.

The South African caught up with Chandre and Olof, who live in Cape Town with their two children, Kalum and Jay-dee.

How did you and Olof meet?

We met at the Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town. He always says that from the first moment he saw me he was “absolutely intrigued”.

Chandre Goosen
Chandre is known for her love of fashion and fast cars. Image: Supplied

What makes you a power couple?

We both faced a lot of adversity before we met. Those circumstances brought us closer together as our backgrounds were very similar. We have always stood back-to-back when faced with adversity. When the one is weak or tired, the other is strong. We carry each other perfectly.

Describe Olof’s work

Olof is a medical malpractice attorney with specific interest in babies and young children who suffer impairment as a result of negligence during the birthing process. Most parents are not aware of their rights to recover damages in this regard and in addition to this they cannot afford litigation to prove negligence.

Olof’s practice takes care of these individuals. He refers to his work as “trench fighting” and acting on behalf of vulnerable and indigent mothers and children against big corporate hospital groups as well as the Department of Health.

You focus on women empowerment; Olof on children in need. How do you support each other’s efforts?

We believe both tie in perfectly as we are addressing the needs of both women and children on different levels. This makes our support for each other, as well as our coming together, so much easier as we have a common denominator in the needs of children and women.

Why is having a voice for those in need important to Olof?

Almost all of his clients are maimed as a result of brain damage. They do not have the ability to utter one word. Their parents often indigent and do not understand the process. It is Olof’s mission to stand up for these individuals and take on whoever caused their disabilities. It is very sad that in these cases the injuries were preventable.

Tell us more about your efforts to support others?

We are of the firm belief that not even your left hand must know the good deeds your right hand does. We are prospering because we reap what we sow. Once that happens, one gives even more and so the cycle continues.

Chandre Goosen Olof Joubert
Chandre and Olof believe in putting others before themselves. Image: Supplied

What makes your relationship unified and strong?

Olof knows where I come from and accepted me for who I was. He picked up the pieces and allowed me to become whole again, and rise way above my circumstances to such an extent that I have become a fearless and powerful woman who will never stand back for any type of abuse.

Has Olof’s law background helped you in your entrepreneurial ventures in any way?

Having been a sole proprietor in business for so many years, he taught me solid financial principles. His knowledge of law and solid foundation make it easier to venture out into the world knowing I will return to safety. He encourages me to engage in things unknown to me to grow as a person.

What do you admire about Olof’s work ethic and contribution to society?

He does not expect anything in return. That is the reason why he is successful in business. He always says “check your motives”. If you do good (which has to be your primary starting point), blessings will follow without effort.

How would Olof describe you in one word?


Chandre Goosen
Chandre is a fearless and powerful woman today, but this was not always the case. Image: Supplied

Would you ever start a company together?

We already have: La Fiora Flowers  and Berht Chrono Swiss watches.

What can we expect from you as a couple going forward?

Step by step we are taking over the world. With a supporting partner we can each can do whatever we wish to do and that will turn out to be a great success. We share the same vision.

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