Pink, Chris Martin and other c

Photo: Instagram/Coldplay

Pink, Chris Martin and other celebs live-stream free concerts amid coronavirus outbreak

Due to concert cancellations worldwide, musical acts including Pink, Chris Martin, Keith Urban, John Legend and more are performing for fans via social media.

Pink, Chris Martin and other c

Photo: Instagram/Coldplay

In the wake of widespread concert cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic, international musical acts including Pink, Chris Martin, Keith Urban, John Legend and more are performing for fans via social media.

According to reports Martin from Coldplay was one of the first to start the trend, announcing an Instagram Live performance this past Monday (16 March).

“Hello everyone,” he tweeted. “I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. If anyone feels like chatting and listening to some music, I’m going to do a live-stream on the Coldplay Instagram in about 30 mins.”

Later he went on to perform the hit-song A Sky Full of Stars and Trouble all while telling interesting stories about the tracks on his live feed.

Together at Home

John Legend later followed suit while his wife Chrissy Teigen, quickly signed up for the session, replying, “I’ll be there!! because I literally have no choice.”

Keith Urban also performed a half-hour set on Instagram Live from a warehouse where he stores his gear. “I was supposed to be playing tonight and I just thought it would be nice to be able to play anyway,” the country star said. “Even though we can’t be in front of all you guys tonight I want to be able to play some songs and bring a little bit of entertainment into your screens.”

Naturally, his wife, the actress Nicole Kidman acted as his backup singer.

Married musicians David Foster and Katharine McPhee also performed live via the Internet, thanks to a suggestion from Foster’s daughter, Erin Foster.

As for Pink, she had viewers tag along via Instagram while she practiced the piano. “Free concert slash piano lessons from my heart to yours. To make you feel my love rehearsals,” she wrote alongside a clip of her behind the piano singing Adele’s Make You Feel My Love.