Zodwa Wabantu snake

Zodwa has upset people with a clip of her slaughtering a snake. Image via Instagram: @zodwalibram

Zodwa fearlessly removes monkey from snake’s belly [watch]

‘But why kill innocent animals, this isn’t right,’ said one person after watching Zodwa’s horrific snake-slaying clip.

Zodwa Wabantu snake

Zodwa has upset people with a clip of her slaughtering a snake. Image via Instagram: @zodwalibram

Zodwa Wabantu always aims for the wow effect — it doesn’t matter how far she is has to go to get it. The exotic dancer gained popularity in South Africa after stepping out in public wearing almost nothing over her curvaceous body and has been showing off all of her assets ever since. She has once again gone viral on social media but this time it had nothing to do with her body.

In a hair-raising clip shared online, she can be seen fearlessly cutting open a huge snake and removing the body of a dead monkey. The post received a lot of criticism from social media users who accused her of encouraging animal cruelty.

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Zodwa removes dead monkey from snake’s tummy

Zodwa Wabantu is famous for shocking social media users. When she isn’t dancing half naked and allowing strangers to grope her private parts, she is apparently cutting snakes open.

In her latest Instagram post, the famous exotic dancer can be seen carefully cutting through a dead snakes skin and removing a an animal which the snake had evidently eaten earlier that day.

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Wabantu slaughtering snake
Zodwa Wabantu slaughtering a snake. Image: @VillageGuluva/Twitter

A man who had been watching Zodwa closely in the clip then explains to her that the dead animal is probably a monkey.

“I don’t buy, ngiyazingela (I hunt),” she captioned the shocking video.

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Netizens are not impressed

The post did not sit well with many social media users who said that Zodwa is encouraging “animal cruelty.” A lot of them wondered why she decided to kill the snake in the first place.

Dikotsi Sekatane asked:

“But why kill innocent animals 😢 this is not right honestly 😡”

While Veiko Pelao Petrus wrote:

“Why do you guys kill this snake? They don’t hurt you plus they will go extinct and what happens to the future generations. #sustainability #extinction #snakes, this (is) cruelty.”

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