Somizi Beyonce TikTok

Somizi and Beyonce. Images via Instagram @beyonce @somizi

When Somizi turns into a Beyonce on TikTok [watch]

Somizi Mhlongo’s TikTok video imitating American musician Beyonce with her beautiful hairstyle impressed fans.

Somizi Beyonce TikTok

Somizi and Beyonce. Images via Instagram @beyonce @somizi

Indeed, Somizi Mhlongo has surprised fans thanks to his latest video on TikTok making the Beyonce moves.

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It seemed that Somizi wanted to show off her new hairstyle, but he did it in a beautiful way that left fans in awe. For the past few months, Somizi had been living so quietly. Indeed, he is up to something or just taking some time away to refuel.

Despite recently living such a quiet life, we all know how Somizi can be if he shows some little drama. He is one kind of person who does things nobody can imagine. He has a way of making people happy and sometimes with little things that are so unpredictable.

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This is definitely what Somizi did with his latest TikTok video doing the Beyonce thing with his hair and expressions.


Indeed, his new hairstyle looks like Beyonce’s trademark look. Certainly, Somizi is not as beautiful as Beyonce, but this hairstyle made them look so similar to the drama he did.

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More often than, when Beyonce is performing on the stage, her hair will go into the air. This is indeed what Somizi know of Beyonce, and he did precisely that, leaving fans happy.

After that, Somizi showed off her delicious meal of cribs as he ate without washing his hands.

Watch as Somizi turns into a Beyonce on TikTok

Another Somizi video


Over the years, Somizi has established itself as one of the finest fashionistas in South Africa. His beautiful hairstyle has made him a darling for many, especially during his days on Idols SA.

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On a lucky day, Somizi can come with a long hairstyle that looks like a tailor, sometimes a shirt hairstyle. He doesn’t care about the size or length; he only goes for expensive and beautiful.

Indeed, fans loved what Somizi did and here are some of the comments from fans:

make up always spot on. teach me tu I’m so bad at it😂love u Soms🥰

May God pls forget me and remember me after i meet you or else ill pogela you and clean your house uvuke i clean 🤣🤣 i love you so so much tog Somgag

😂😂😂😂😂😂no you didn’t