Somizi Unathi Nkayi friends

Somizi and Unathi Nkayi. Images via Instagram @somizi

When ‘best friends’ breakup: Inside Somizi and Unathi Nkayi’s failed friendship

Somizi and Unathi Nkayi were once ‘best friends’ but they have since clashed and unfollowed each other on social media following a breakup.

Somizi Unathi Nkayi friends

Somizi and Unathi Nkayi. Images via Instagram @somizi

Somizi and Unathi Nkayi had been best friends but they saw their friendship breaking up ugly.

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Their relationship was evident both on and off Idols SA, as they made time together away from work.

Unfortunately, Somizi and Unathi saw their relationship turning sour and none of them was able to mend it.

They saw it breaking up and they as well accepted it and later unfollowed each other on social media.

She later opened up on Uncancelled saying:

“Thomas and I got divorced. You #GarethCliff and #RandallAbrahams didn’t choose sides, and he did. Even when we sat at the judging table and I was professional, he chose sides. It was fine for him to go on boy’s trips with Thomas, but we said you don’t cross this line now. He’d come back and speak smack about me on the same reality show, so now you’re showing you’re choosing sides.”

“I don’t hate him; we haven’t fought; we just don’t have a relationship because he chose sides.” she continued.

Somizi Unathi Nkayi friends
Somizi. Image via Instagram @somizi


Their breakup was all brought to public attention when Unathi Nkayi denied to be Somizi’s friend.

To prove her point, she deleted all her pictures with Somizi and social media went crazy as Unathi likened the case to the R. Kelly saga saying

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“To ALL my friends who think you’re going to CONTINUE playing R Kelly in my presence. TODAY IT STOPS. No more philosophical B*LL SHIT about you separating the genius from the MONSTER. It STOPS TODAY, HMKAY…unless you LOVE being a trigger,”

Despite all the drama, Unathi Nkayi started, Somizi kept his cool for a long time before he opened up on their friendship months later.

Somizi Unathi Nkayi friends
Unathi Nkayi. Image via Instagram @somizi


Speaking on his TV Show, Living The Dream With Somizi, he said that he does not want to talk to Unathi Nkayi again.

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“Honestly, I was shocked, I was disappointed but it is what it is. Sometimes when people show you who they are, you leave them; someone that I thought we were okay with went public. The devil does not want to see me prosper. This day has been a day and a half,” he said.

“If I have to go work with her, in the same space. It’ not in my nature to say its, either me or somebody else. I’m not going to take bread away from somebody who feeds her kids and family and stuff. I’m going to make sure my space and peace are protected,. I never want to talk to her again, I never want to speak to her again.”

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“I will be professional. Being professional doesn’t mean that when she says something I must agree with her… but I’m going to make it clear before I even start that this person must never even look at me,” he concluded.