Uncle Waffles addictive dance

Uncle Waffles. Image via Instagram @unclewaffles_

Watch: Uncle Waffles’ addictive dance breaks TikTok

It’s not for baby feeding – Uncle Waffles’ addictive dance moves left fans chasing the kids away from TikTok.

Uncle Waffles addictive dance

Uncle Waffles. Image via Instagram @unclewaffles_

South African DJ Uncle Waffles pulled off addictive dance moves on TikTok that impressed fans.

Uncle Waffles is some of the most talented DJs of her generation worldwide.

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She has risen so fast that she is already an internationally recognised star worldwide.

She is usually fully booked, and her shows are typically filled at the entrance.

All these people will follow her thrilling vibes with her dance moves leading the way.

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She has a way of integrating her music with dance moves, giving fans more than just a DJ mixing songs.

Recently, she produced such kind of dance, and fans can’t get enough of it on TikTok.

“I am irrationally addictive to this dance😭 @Litchi 🤭”

Uncle Waffles addictive dance
Uncle Waffles.Image via Instagram @unclewaffles_


Waffles knows that her dance is addictive, and she shares it knowing fans will be addicted to it too.

She was correct; fans loved it when she gave the camera her back and started shaking her bums.

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Even though she danced only briefly, she had already left fans filled with laughter and joy.

Some fans even played Uncle Waffles’ addictive dance video several times, showing how much they loved it.


After she shared the addictive video on TikTok, fans could not get enough as they shared their feelings in comments.

“the people around me are wondering why “rrrrrr pha” has been playing continuously for 20 minutes on my phone”

“I feel like you don’t read your captions after typing but it’s fine 😭”

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“Not me thinking it was ice spice by not looking at the name😭”

“I literally love you so much waffles😪🥺😭😭 DEAD SERIOUSSSSS UGHHHH❕❕ you slay so much”

“After watching this for the 90’th time I can come to the conclusion that the green top looks good on u”

“the day I get to see you,I will scream ,cry and the scream again 😭❤️”