Trevor Noah on his future post the daily show

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has opened up about what he looks forward to doing after he leaves the show. Image: Hayden Schiff via Flickr

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The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has opened up to fans about what he plans to do after his final day on the show.

Trevor Noah on his future post the daily show

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has opened up about what he looks forward to doing after he leaves the show. Image: Hayden Schiff via Flickr

Travelling, spending time with people and eating South African food. Those are the things The Daily Show host Trevor Noah looks forward to doing when he leaves the show.

After seven years hosting one of the most watched talk shows in the US, Noah has opened up to live audience members about his future plans. Noah touches on the subject while answering questions in a between-the-scenes segment of the show posted to YouTube on Wednesday 5 October 2022.

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The stand-up comedian recently announced tour dates for the highly anticipated South African leg of his Back To Normal tour in 2023. But now, he has opened up about what his goals are after his reign as one of the kings of late night television.


Speaking to audience members, Noah opens up about how he’s missed aspects of his old life before The Daily Show and which he hopes to experience more of. This includes spending time with loved ones, meeting new people, learning new languages and, of course touring the world as the renowned stand-up comedian he is.

“I’ve missed people I missed two years of people lives, two years of eating food in South Africa, I’ve missed two years of travelling with my family and friends,” Noah says while answering questions from his audience. He uttered the words days after spending some one-on-one time with pop singer Dua Lipa, sparking reports that the two are dating.

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“One thing you can never get back and that’s time. So what i really lost during those seven years is time. Because of that I now I find myself excited to get back to doing a few of the things that I did around the world. I used to spend a week in Toronto Canada , I would spend two weeks in Germany learning German and doing shows. Like I said, I went to India two weeks ago and learned Hindi. I’m going to go back and try to learn more.”

The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah.


Noah says he’s come to appreciate spending time with people, especially when the Covid-19 pandemic began. Fans may recall how he and other TV hosts had to resort to filming segments of their shows from home or in studio without a live audience.

During this time audiences watched Noah grow his hair for the first time, even letting his beard grow as he mirrored millions of people who were restricted from the outside world.

But the show went on, and Noah says while he appreciates the opportunities that came with hosting the show, he has missed out on aspects of his life he now wishes to focus on more when he leaves the show.

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“There is something that we have, and that is the time to do. And if you do have that luxury and you do have the opportunity, then why not? So, yeah, I am looking forward to living a little more, expressing a little more, growing a little more and trying new things,” he says to an applauding audience.

Smooth transition for The Daily Show

Noah says his departure from the show is not a sad goodbye, itis a happy one. He says he hopes audiences will be as supportive of his successor as they were of him,when he started out.

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“Any time there is a transition in a show there is a huge process and I am aware of that because I took over from John Stewart which was a monumental task. I understand how hard it was for myself and for the people who helped make this happen for me,” he says.

The goal of this transition period, he explains, is to make sure that his departure doesn’t feel too abrupt and surprising.