Thembi Seete Boom Shaka dance

Thembi Seete. image via Instagram @thembiseete_

Watch: Thembi Seete’s Boom Shaka dance breaks Insta

‘Please direct us to the fountain of youth’: Thembi Seete’s Boom Shaka dance moves left fans questioning her age.

Thembi Seete Boom Shaka dance

Thembi Seete. image via Instagram @thembiseete_

South African musician and actress Thembi Seete pulled off some Boom Shaka dance on stage.

The multi-talented had been with Boom Shaka years ago, but she impressed fans so much.

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It seemed her position as a judge on Idols SA had been keeping her in touch with music.

Thembi had been popping up doing music occasionally, but it seemed her leading trade was now acting.

She had been with Gomora over the past few years and had been one of their best actors.

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A few days ago, they had been having their farewell party at Konka, and it was lit.

Bankl o music, Thembi showed how much she loved her Boom Shaka performance.

“I love this feeling 🙌🏾Free, BoomShaka performance”


While on stage, Thembi Seete showed so much quality, and fans loved her style.

Many fans who knew her during her days as a youngster loved how good she was.

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While on stage, the emotions got her, and she gave the fans her back and started shaking her bums.

She did so in a style that the crowd could be heard screaming at her for more.

She continued her dance while singing and gave her trademark move to finish the song: what a performance it was.


After Thembi Seete shared a video of her Boom Shaka dance, many fans loved it.

“Haibo Thembi… my uncle’s will be at your gate this weekend. Kopa le ba buleleng please. 🥰”

“🔥🔥Who also danced to the “Boom Shaka song”? 😍😍”

“Aus Thembi, I can’t find album ya “Words of Wisdom” on any digital platform. That is still my favourite album 💿”

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“I wish I couldve witnessed this Boom Shaka is Pop culture”

“Please direct us to the fountain of youth 🔥🔥”

“Girl me i would have loved to see your head down feet in the air doing the butterfly. You really inspired to take up dancing back then…. Aliphelelanga bo RIP Lebo”

“U were brilliant last week. You guys were the highlight of the show”