Springboks Rachel Kolisi wild celebrations

Rachel Kolisi. image via Instagram @lesego_tlhabi

Watch: Rachel Kolisi’s wild celebrations go viral

Talking of emotions – Springboks captain Siya Kolisi’s wife Rachel, wild celebration after France game went viral on social media.

Springboks Rachel Kolisi wild celebrations

Rachel Kolisi. image via Instagram @lesego_tlhabi

Springboks captain Siya Kolisi’s wife, Rachel’s wild celebrations go viral on Instagram after France win.

The match between France and South Africa was epic, leaving many fans and players in tears.

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It seemed many Springboks fans had been in tears by halftime when the teams went to the break with France leading.

It all pointed to a Springboks loss; the nerves had been eating fans in and out.

The emotions were also boiling as the fans made even more and more noise in the stadium.

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After the final whistle, many fans could not believe that the World Champions had won it.

Celebrations started, and they were so emotional, as were Rachel Kolisi and Lesego Tihabi.

Previously, Rachel had shared on her Instagram thanking God for the win.

“😭❤️🇿🇦 Thank you Jesus.”


Rachel Kolisi’s wild celebration did not make so many comments and likes because they shared it on their stories.

Rachel jumped as the full-time whistle blew, shouting and screening joyfully.

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Indeed, she could not believe the feelings within her; the boiling emotions and nervousness were all released simultaneously.

She celebrated like someone watching the game for the first time, which showed how emotional she was.


Most celebs and fans across the globe celebrated the Springboks win with wild celebrations like Rachel Kolisi.

The fans showed the stars love as Rachel also had time with her husband, Siya Kolisi, after the match.

“Gosh that was close! I couldn’t breathe at the end! See you at the final!”

“We as South Africans have a deep love for Jesus and that’s why we are so powerful 💙🇿🇦🤍”

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“What a game!!!! 🤩Shame Rachel, your nerves must have been shot! 😅🏉🇿🇦♥️”

“Yhooo indeed, God really saved us, it was tough…still have chest pains kuminca🫢😂😂😂😂😂😂”

“The Boks were amazing and you are amazing for supporting them and sacrificing so much to get our Captain RWC ready. Well done. The whole of SA is so proud of you. As always the Boks give us hope and happiness even in the darkest times.”

“The WHOLE COUNTRY isn’t going to get much sleep tonight after that game… YOOOOOOOH!!! 😳🙈… #BOOM 👊👊👊👊”