Mbali Ngiba Sarafina dance

Mbali Ngiba. image via Instagram @mbaliyesizwengiba4

Watch: Mbali Ngiba’s Sarafina dance breaks Insta

‘Let me take you back’: The Real Housewives of Durban star Mbali Ngiba impressed fans with her Sarafina dance moves on Insta.

Mbali Ngiba Sarafina dance

Mbali Ngiba. image via Instagram @mbaliyesizwengiba4

The Real Housewives of Durban star Mbali Ngiba’s Sarafina dance moves go viral on Instagram.

Mbali saw herself trending a few days ago after she delivered the news that she was pregnant.

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The reality star shared pictures on her Instagram showing her pregnancy, and fans congratulated her.

Indeed, the talented actress was one of the most jovial celebs in South Africa even before she was pregnant.

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She always makes other people around her happy, and she does so with dance moves.

She shared the video dancing to Mbongeni Ngema and Leleti Khumalo’s hit song VumaDlozi Lami.

Mbali Ngiba pulled all these dance moves to remind her fans of the past times.

“Let me take you back😂😂”

Mbali Ngiba Sarafina dance
Mbali Ngiba. image via Instagram @mbaliyesizwengiba4


Undoubtedly, Mbali took her time to prepare for the Sarafina dance before shooting it.

It was about the dance moves and the dressing to make it look perfect.

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Mbali looked perfectly like the Sarafina Leleti Khumalo pulled off many years ago in the movie.

She replicated the dance moves by Leleti Khumalo, and it seemed she won many fans’ hearts.

What a way to remind fans of one of the finest movies ever to be made in South Africa!


Fans loved it after Mbali Ngiba shared the video of her Sarafina dance on Instagram.

“Bathong zodwa is a bbys gal 🙌.. I m defeated especially cause when she is with difa she us my rakgadi vibes 😂😂”

“Sane was lying to you about nnoku and you believed”

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“Ngathi ngyambon umamzobe esevela ngemuva ethi weZodwa yin len oyigqokile”

“@mbaliyesizwengiba4 ngiyaxolisa ukuphuma eceleni isitolo sakho lesi esilapha kamnyandu mall emlazi sezimbali”

“uyanconfuza usisi today she looks 30 tomorrow she looks 40 something”

“Kanene you are single Mazwide. Let me slide into your Dm”