AKA Lynn Forbes drip

Lynn Forbes. image via Instagram @lynnforbesza

Watch: AKA’s mother Lynn Forbes takes a drip

Don’t worry, she’s not sick: AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes shocked fans as she took a drip, but here is the reason why she did so.

AKA Lynn Forbes drip

Lynn Forbes. image via Instagram @lynnforbesza

AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, took a drip with Dr Bhabha to improve her skin.

Lynn Forbes made several headlines since the death of her son AKA.

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She was mainly the family’s spokesperson, and fans had been sympathising with her.

Since then, most of AKA’s fans have taken Lynn as their mother, calling her Mother Megacy or Glammy.

With all the attention coming her way, Lynn also has an exciting lifestyle that many fans do not know.

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She takes good care of her body and has been hitting the gym hard recently.

On top of the workouts, Lynn Forbes also took a drip injecting the chemicals that help her to smoothen her skin.

On her Instagram, Lynn said she was caring for her body.

“Taking care of Glammy @drbhabhaaesthetics”

AKA Lynn Forbes drip
Lynn Forbes. Image via Instagram @lynnforbesza


Before Lynn shared the video on her Instagram stories, Dr Bhabha Aesthetics also shared a picture of treating her.

This showed that Lynn Forbes frequently takes these sessions with Dr Bhebha.

They spoke extensively about their work and how a healthy body and skin can determine your mood.

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“If your body is healthy. Your skin will be healthy. If your mind is healthy, your skin will be healthy. If you have healthy habits, your skin will be healthy.” they said.

“Remember that your skin reflects what’s going on inside your body. And your body reflects what’s going on in your mind. Stress , insufficient sleep, and hormone changes can show on your skin. Find your balance, find your healthy❤️. Xx Dr Bhabha Aesthetics” they finished.


Several times, many fans had been shocked by how young Lynn Forbes looked.

Some even denied that she was AKA’s mother, saying they looked like sisters.

This is all because of how much AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, invests in her body, and the drips are part of it.

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A few weeks ago, she was doing her eyebrows, which looked so beautiful.

Fans loved it and showed her love with many encouraging comments.

“You look beautiful, Lynn as always ♥”

“Looks awesome forget about the negative comments 👌”

“I was still waiting for the end result 🤦🏻‍♀️. Thought this was a joke. It looks terrible. Sorry 😞”

“Lynn you are Naturally beautiful and that is rare – protect that always .”