Vusi Nova unveils amapiano alter ego Snova

Vusi Nova unveils amapiano alter ego Snova
Image via Instagram

‘Identity crisis’: Tweeps react after Vusi Nova reveals amapiano alter ego

Vusi Nova has stunned fans by revealing his new alter ego; ‘Snova’, who will be producing amapiano songs…

Vusi Nova unveils amapiano alter ego Snova

Vusi Nova unveils amapiano alter ego Snova
Image via Instagram

Vusi Nova has built a reputation for being a love song crooner…but in a surprising turn of events, the star has unveiled his new alter ego; Snova, an amapiano artist.

The singer made the reveal this week, teasing the release of Snova’s debut track Shuku Shuku on Friday.

But tweeps aren’t convinced his latest career move is a wise choice…


Vusi Nova introduced his fans to Snova, an amapiano artist with a head full of hair extensions, whom he claims is his “alter ego”.

He posted a picture of himself, or should we say Snova, on his Instagram account wearing red leather pants, matching shades and a funky unbuttoned shirt, which showed off his chest tattoos.

He wrote in the caption: “Meet Snova! Shuku Shuku dropping this Friday. Don’t say I didn’t tell you”.

Snova’s look is world’s apart from Vusi Nova’s, and so are their personalities.

He told Drum magazine: “Vusi Nova is a romantic, he sings about love and is soft and caring. While Snova is rough around the edges and a little bit wild.

“In public, Vusi is contained, well behaved, watches what he says. But my alter ego is very outgoing and social.”


But for die-hard Vusi Nova fans who are wondering what this means for their favourite star, rest assured, he isn’t going anywhere.

He added: “He will always be there. Matter of fact, he is booked back-to-back this festive season”.


Vusi Nova’s new persona Snova trended on Twitter, but not everyone convinced he is making the right move.

Entertainment blogger Phil Mphela tweeted: “I am not sold on this. Vusi Nova is a household name now, don’t know why he would want to mess with that, just to release amapiano music.

“Seems like a bandwagon move that could damage what he has built with his brand. But, I could be wrong

Like Phil, many accused Vusi of “jumping on the amapiano bandwagon”.

Others vowed to not call him by his new name. One tweep posted: “We don’t have time for name changes. He must ask Generations cast”.

And others had interesting comments and theories about his new persona…