Vivian Reddy

Vivian Reddy’s net worth is estimated to R1.9 billion. Image via Instagram @vivian.reddy.94

Worth billions: A closer look at Vivian Reddy’s net worth

More money than MaMkhize: Business tycoon Vivian Reddy has a net worth that will blow your mind. Take a look…

Vivian Reddy

Vivian Reddy’s net worth is estimated to R1.9 billion. Image via Instagram @vivian.reddy.94

For many years now, Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize has basically shown off her wealth on every available platform. Naturally, many believed that she may just be the wealthiest person in Durban KwaZulu-Natal but it turns out she is far from it.

The real rich guy there is South African businessman Vivian Reddy who is reportedly six times wealthier than Royal AM owner MaMkhize.

Vivian Reddy has an unbelievable net worth

Unlike many of the country’s wealthy, South African businessman Vivian Reddy is pretty low-key.

The KwaZulu-Natal businessman is the CEO of Edison Group financial services and property development company which isn’t doing too shabby, especially considering how much he is worth.

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According to Savanna News, Reddy is worth a staggering R1.9 billion – and this number doesn’t even include his undeclared assets.

Reddy not only gives back but also rubs shoulders with the who’s who of the ANC and has been implicated in a number of tender award scandals over the years.

While he has an impressive car collection and mansion in the wealthy suburbs of Durban – he isn’t one for showing off.

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The wife of a rich man

In fact, the only time we get a glimpse into his uber-rich lifestyle is when we watch his second wife Sorisha Naidoo on Showmax’s Real Housewives of Durban.

With a large designer bag collection, all the heels and clothes a massive walk-in closet can hold and taking trips via private helicopter, Sorisha is proof that life with Reddy is definitely something out of a movie.

Meanwhile, MaMkhize is definitely competing for that top spot but has a lot more work to do before she reaches Reddy’s level.

The reality TV star who was formerly married to Sbu Mpisane has a reported net worth of R300 million.

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