Musa Mseleku and son Mpumelelo

Musa Mseleku and son Mpumelelo. Image via Twitter

Inside SA’s favourite polygamist Musa Mseleku’s advice to his sons

‘I can’t wait for you to increase as I decrease,’ says Mseleku who also shared his wishes regarding how his sons should carry his legacy.

Musa Mseleku and son Mpumelelo

Musa Mseleku and son Mpumelelo. Image via Twitter

South African reality TV star and media personality Musa Mseleku has grown to become one of the country’s favourite on screen personality. His show Uthando Nes’thembu his shown millions of locals into the lives of him and his four wives and all of their children. Their polygamous marriage is the envy of many who wish for similar.

Earlier this week, the tv star’s praises were once again sung after he shared some stellar advice with his sons who he says will hopefully successfully take over his empire.

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Musa Mseleku shares sage advice with his sons

Musa Mseleku and his four waves are some of SA’s favourite media personality.

Their traditional way of living has inspired millions of people who have gained a new perspective into polygamous marriages.

Musa Mseleku's children
The Mseleku family returns with Izingane zeS’thembu. Image from Mzansi Magic

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Mseleku’s sons appear to have also been moved by their father’s polygamous lifestyle and have shared that they too will be following in that direction.

This has made the businessman very proud. He recently headed online to share some advice with the young men who he also hopes will be able to carry on his legacy.

“Akukabonakali esiyoba yikho kudlula konke okunye. Everything is in motion I am proud of you boys. You will carry this legacy that I have started. May God bless both of you and shine upon your face,” he wrote.

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Their respective roles

The polygamist also shared which role he wants each son to take in the family. His eldest Lwandle will be the head of the family while Mpumelelo will handle the business side of things.

“I am more confident and hopeful that Lwandle Lethokuhle Mseleku is going to take over as the head and CEO of the family and the Mseleku legacy, Mpumelelo Musa Mseleku will take over our business legacy, and Mniniwezintozonke Musakawukhethi Mseleku will be a link in both roles. Mpumelelo and Lwandle have assumed their pivotal role to jointly manage one of our key business so I can see and guide them. I can’t wait for you to increase as I decrease.”

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