Gregory Wings would still invest in South Africa. Image via Instagram @burnaboygram

Gregory Wings would still invest in South Africa. Image via Instagram @burnaboygram

US investor commits to SA despite Burna Boy’s failed concert

U.S. investor plans to stay committed to the Mzansi music scene despite the legal drama surrounding Burna Boy’s cancelled concert.

Gregory Wings would still invest in South Africa. Image via Instagram @burnaboygram

Gregory Wings would still invest in South Africa. Image via Instagram @burnaboygram

After the setback of Burna Boy’s cancelled concert in South Africa last year, resilient US investor Gregory Wings remains undeterred, vowing to persist in his commitment to investing in the vibrant Mzansi scene. Despite facing fraud charges related to the failed event, Wings, who poured millions into the venture, was cleared by the court, prompting him to open a case against his business partner and Ternary Media Group CEO, Sedote Nwachukwu.

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In an exclusive interview with ZiMoja, Wings candidly shared the impact of his arrest, attributing the concert’s failure to his business partners and Nwachukwu. Emphatically stating his determination for justice, Wings declared, “My pursuit for justice does not end here.” Despite losing money during his seven-day detention and facing frozen accounts, Wings is now suing entities like Ticket Pro, First National Bank, Cake Media, and Khaya PR for defamation, extortion, and loss of income.

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“I am elated and relieved to be vindicated of all fraud charges. However, my pursuit for justice does not end here. I am determined to ensure that all perpetrators involved are not only arrested but also held accountable through legal action. I suffered a lot when I was detained for a good seven days. I lost money as my accounts had to be frozen because of the charges I was facing,” he stated.

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Unbowed by the challenges, Wings remains resolute in his commitment to invest in South Africa. He acknowledges the need to rebuild his tarnished reputation after placing trust in the wrong person, expressing his disappointment in the investment landscape marred by scams. Nevertheless, he maintains faith in the country, affirming his intention to contribute to its growth by bringing international artists and supporting local talent both at home and abroad.

In his words, “These deceitful actions undermine trust and tarnish the investment landscape, impacting not only individuals but also the broader economy of South Africa but I have faith in the country and will still invest in the youth by bringing international artists this side and taking local artists abroad. “

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