Faith Nketsi

Twitter users reacted to a video of Faith Nketsi rapping. Image via Instagram @faith_nketsi

‘She is actually good’: Tweeps react to Faith Nketsi’s rap clip [watch]

One Twitter user said, “This is a solid 6; she’s actually not bad,” after watching a video of Faith Nkesti rapping online.

Faith Nketsi

Twitter users reacted to a video of Faith Nketsi rapping. Image via Instagram @faith_nketsi

A video that was posted on Twitter on Wednesday, 15 March, of reality TV star Faith Nketsi rapping has got Tweeps intrigued and rating her rhymes out of 10.


Some people might forget that Faith Nketsi is not only a socialite, reality TV star, wife and mom, but she actually has made a few songs in the past.

Some of her songs include Pop That, Big Sis, Men Are Trash and Ishu.

One Twitter user shared a video of the media personality and reminded her fans of her musical talent.

In the clip, Nketsi can be seen and heard busting some catchy rhymes inside a car.

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In her opening line, the gorgeous babe reminds listeners that she’s a “10 out of 10.”

When posting the video online, the Twitter users captioned,

“Rate her rapping out of 10 😭.”

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According to SA Hip Hop Mag, Nketsi once shared that she always had, “loved hip hop like even as a child.”

She was quoted saying, “like, I was Megan Thee Stallion or Nicki Minaj in my head.”

Nketsi was said to have been signed to DJ Maphorisa’s record label, Blaqboy, in 2019; however, by 2020, when a curious tweep asked the DJ/producer to name all the artists under his record label, he did so and left Nketsi’s name out.

Faith Nketsi
Tweeps rated Faith Nketsi’s rap out of 10. Image via Instagram @faith_nketsi

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“A solid 6 man, home girl is not that bad I don’t know about her being our Nicki Minaj… but let’s give her a year or two on that,” @Cred_Int said.

“This is a solid 6, she’s actually not bad,” @NgomaneHebert said.

“I give her 0 for THEFT! @BeatsyBlass they have started applauding her on my song,” @simple_ranag said.

“She is actually good,” @T_Steezy said.

“Nicki, who 😭?” @OregopoyseSeba1 reacted.

“Best Hip Hop female rapper? Homegirl only has like one song and it didn’t make it. How did we come to this conclusion,” @LeboKarda wrote.

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