Ex-Mrs. Trevor Gumbi finds love again. Image via Instagram @mrsladylu

Ex-Mrs. Trevor Gumbi finds love again. Image via Instagram @mrsladylu

Trevor Gumbi’s ex-wife remarries after six years since their divorce

After six years post-divorce, Lucille, Trevor Gumbi’s ex-wife, recently remarried entrepreneur Eddie Dandara.

Ex-Mrs. Trevor Gumbi finds love again. Image via Instagram @mrsladylu

Ex-Mrs. Trevor Gumbi finds love again. Image via Instagram @mrsladylu

It took her six years but Lucille, the ex-Mrs. Trevor Gumbi found love again. She had just said “I do” for the second time after her separation in 2017 from her 11-year marriage with the comedian, Trevor Gumbi. Lucille is now remarried to entrepreneur Eddie Dandara, and the whole celebration went down in Eddie’s hometown in Zimbabwe.

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Last weekend, these lovebirds had their moment in the spotlight during a traditional ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Lucille couldn’t stop gushing on her Instagram about the warm welcome they got in Murewa, Zimbabwe.

“This past weekend’s celebrations were fun, and it was truly heartwarming to be welcomed by the people of Murewa – Zimbabwe,’ her caption said. “The warmth and love made it easy to just be in the moment and have fun celebrating our love and our union.”

A week before the Zimbabwe shindig, they had a bash in South Africa. She shared a snippet of her wedding on her Instagram page. Lucille sounded overcome with joy in her caption.

“I don’t even know where to begin… my heart is bursting with joy and gratitude. Yesterday was truly one of the best days of my life.’ Gratitude was the theme as she also thanked her husband for making her wedding dream come true against all odds.

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According to TshisaLIVE, Trevor Gumbi claimed that getting a divorce was initially not the plan but there was none to blame as they had simply fallen out of love with each other.

This, and the fact that at just 28, the comedian filed for bankruptcy contributed to ruining their marriage. Trevor said there were even more issues.

“There was also a lack of intimacy and everyday niggles that eventually snowballed into one big mess . We fell out of love. It happens, no one is to blame,” he said. 

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Fast forward to today, and both have found new love. Trevor is also happily remarried to Nande Ngxola, who according to ZiMoja, ‘played an integral role in his transformation’  and Lucille is starting this new chapter of her life with Eddie. Even after six years since their split, they still successfully co-parent their two sons.

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