Trevor Gumbi Father's Day

Trevor Gumbi threw shade at his dad on Father’s Day.
Image via Twitter

Trevor Gumbi celebrates five months of sobriety

Funny guy Trevor Gumbi has given up the bottle. The star took to Twitter earlier this week to celebrate five months of being sober.

Trevor Gumbi Father's Day

Trevor Gumbi threw shade at his dad on Father’s Day.
Image via Twitter

South African actor and comedian Trevor Gumbi has been on a sobriety journey and judging by his social media posts, it’s going very well. The star took to his Twitter page to celebrate five months of no alcohol and he couldn’t be any prouder of himself. Gumbi also shared a snap of his former drunk self who he added is being buried “bit by bit”.

Fans of the comedian appear to be just as proud as he is and quickly headed to the comment section to wish him well on his journey.

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Trevor Gumbi kicks his drinking habit

If there’s one thing millions of days people enjoy, it’s alcohol.

While many find the substance harmless, it can become quite toxic for those who become reliant on it to function.

alcohol trevor gumbi
Trevor Gumbi has given up alcohol. Photo: Pexels

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Trevor Gumbi, a local comedian and actor, has decided to kick the habit completely and is currently five months sober.

Taking to Twitter, Gumbi shared the news of his sobriety journey with his fans by writing:

“Today, my little sobriety baby is 5 months old and we celebrate cause we’re slowly getting to bury this sweaty drunk guy, bit by bit #aDayAtaTime”

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Mzansi is super proud

His post was met with thousands of reactions from his many followers and industry friends who are over the moon with his progress.

Many of them flocked to the comment section where they shared messages of support and encouragement.

Take a look at sim if their comments:

@real-phoka said:

“Recognizing that something is becoming or is already a serious problem in your life and taking action to rid yourself of that something is a powerful display of strength and character.. Not many people get there on their own. I wish you the very best in your journey..”

@yungluh added:

“Congratulations Trevor! I’m on day 9, Not alot but I’m just so grateful to be sober with everything that’s happening in my life.Well done!”

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