Fitness and working-out

Celebrities shared motivational captions to inspire others to work-out. Image via Instagram @rhando_thabethe/ @laaylaymak

Top five celebrities who motivated Mzansi to workout [watch]

Staying fit and working-out is important to most people and these top five celebrities. They shared motivational messages to others to get into shape.

Fitness and working-out

Celebrities shared motivational captions to inspire others to work-out. Image via Instagram @rhando_thabethe/ @laaylaymak

Working-out and keeping fit is important, not just for looks but also to keep the mind and body working as it should be. The South African takes a look at Mzansi celebrities who priorities going to the gym.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an immediate benefit one gets after working out is improved thinking. They also said that regular physical activity can improve learning, judgment skills as one ages and reduce the risks of depression and anxiety.


Thando Thabethe, Connie Ferguson, Cassper Nyovest, Unathi Nkay and Sphelele Makhunga are some of out favourite celebrities who work-out.

Fitness and working-out
Connie Ferguson, Unathi Nkayi and Cassper Nyovest all shared one thing in common this years and that is fitness and self-awareness. Image via Instagram @iconniecfit/ @casspernyovest


When someone hears the word ‘undress,’ for so many people the thought alone is a nightmare. But not for the radio presenter turned underwear and shapewear creator.

She can be found on her social media sharing showing off her voluptuous assets and giving fans tips and tricks on how they too can also a Thabooty butt.

“Gains!!! Overhead squats are not a joke!!!”


The mom, actress, film-producer and entrepreneur is living proof that everyone can make time out of their busy schedules to focus on themselves.

In one of her latest Instagram workout videos, she completed a workout-set and said,

“50 consecutive double unders = 100 skips in less than 30 seconds. Not my fastest time but still good.”


Whether he is challenging himself in the boxing ring with other South African musicians, the rapper turned businessman is also known for prioritising his health.

In one of his Instagram posts, the rapper reflected on his weight-loss journey and said,

“I can’t explain how proud I am of myself. This was by far the hardest weight loss journey for me because I have done this three times now and I now knew exactly what it would take for me to get back in shape. To be honest, mentally I didn’t feel like I was as strong as I once was and I was demoralised…”

“It’s supposed to get easier by the day but it got harder and harder. I just kept waking up and going. I lost touch with a lot of relationships and people because I just zoned into this goal that I had and I had no time for anyone but myself. Looking at these pictures now I’m in awe of myself. I owe it to myself never to let myself go like that again,” Nyovest added.


The radio personality never allowed her weight to fluctuate again after she slimmed down. Her fitness journey started in 2012 and she recently reflected on the amazing journey.

Nkayi shared a personal story in which she explained her reason for slimming down. She said,

A year ago I was NOT happy with my body because of lockdown. My daughter thought she was getting a younger sibling.”

She encouraged gym newbies to get started and trust the process.


The Kaizer Chiefs most popular wife Sphelele Makhunga is not just married to one of Mzansi’s best soccer players, she also makes fitness a priority in her daily life.

In one of her frequent gym clips on her Instagram page, she wrote,

“This is your Monday morning reminder to keep showing up for yourself!”

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