Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise ‘loses out’ on Shakira. Image: Wikimedia

Tom Cruise “frustrated” after discovering Shakira is with Hamilton

It became a mission impossible for the actor when Shakira “begged” Tom Cruise “to stop flirting with her,” as the situation became too much.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise ‘loses out’ on Shakira. Image: Wikimedia

Tom Cruise is apparently not taking the news of Shakira and Lewis Hamilton’s relationship very well.

Various reports have said that the singer and the seven-time Formula 1 champion are in the early stages of dating.

In May, the Mission Impossible star was seen with Shakira at the 2023 Miami Grand Prix with some claiming that the two were flirting. It was also reported that Tom Cruise was very much interested in pursuing the ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ singer.

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Tom Cruise’s close friends apparently confirmed that the actor’s ego had been “dented” after hearing that Shakira had rejected his advances and instead chosen to continue a potential romance with Hamilton, the Mirror reported.

Hamilton and Shakira are rumoured to be dating after the duo were spotted in Miami the same weekend she was seen with Tom Cruise.

The two were initially seen dining at a Miami restaurant after the Miami GP and again spotted riding a boad with friends a few days later.

Tom Cruise ego dented?

Following the conclusion of the Spanish Grand Prix earlier in June, fresh images of the two having dinner were posted by fans on social media. The Mercedes driver, who finished second in Spanish GPrace, was snapped with his arm around the Colombian singer’s waist hours after the conclusion of the race.

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The two reportedly went to a club in Barcelona where they were joined by Paris Saint Germain’s duo of Kylian Mbappé and Neymar.

Although Tom Cruise had high hopes to win the singer over, it became a mission impossible for him when Shakira laughed off the idea that the two were a couple.

The Mirror also that their source claimed that Shakira “begged” for Tom “to stop flirting with her,” as the situation is “too much” for her so soon split with Gerard(Pique).

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“She doesn’t want to embarrass or upset him, but there’s no attraction or romance on her part – she was just being friendly. She’s flattered but not interested.”