Tol Ass Mo

Tol Ass Mo. Image Supplied

Tol Ass Mo says Rosie Motene is not getting ‘a brown cent’

Comedian Tol Ass Mo has responded to former ‘Generations’ actress Rosie Motene who is suing him for defamation of character.

Tol Ass Mo

Tol Ass Mo. Image Supplied

Media personality Tol a Ass Mo has finally responded to former Generations actress Roai Motene who is suing him for defamation of character.

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Earlier this month, Sunday World reported that the comedian; Podcast and Chill hosts, MacG and Sol; as as the show’s content producer, Duduzile Methula are accused of defamation of character following Tol Ass Mo’s interview which aired in December 2022.

In a statement this week, the sangoma said that Motene will not be getting “a brown cent” from him.

The TV personality and father said this in a statement in wherein he revealed he is suing the State in connection to the rape and sexual assault charges he was acquitted of in August last year.

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During the Podcast and Chill interview, where Tol Ass Mo spoke candidly about being acquitted of sexual assault following accusations from Lerato Moloi, he referred to Motene as “Koo beans” and “Satan’s child”.

In the court papers, Motene refers to Mo’s rape charges following accusations by actress and model Lerato Moloi. Motene – who is a former Generations actress – said she was not subpoenaed to testify against Mo. She further denied his claims that she put pressure on the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to prosecute him

“The biggest b*tch to attack me. Biggest number one feminist f”**king b*tch, Rosie Motene. Hmm. Ask any nigga. Ask any n*gga will tell you. Koo beans!” the comedian had told the MacG and Sol.

“Ngwana Satan [Satan’s child]. Ask any nigga, ask any nigga who tell you. Koo beans.

“She [Rosie Motene] was busy coaching Lerato. Tell them he raped you. Tell them! Tell them, tell them you want your day in court. Akenya pressure ko NPA [she put pressure on the NPA],” the comedian said during his interview.

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In the papers, Tol Ass Mo is the first respondent, whilst MacG, Sol and Duduzile are the second, third and fourth respondents.

Although the funnyman is the one who made the claims, the podcasters and their poducer are under fire for laughing and publishing the statement in the interview. Motene argues that the episode was viewed on YouTube by approximately 1.4-million people.

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The activist says the comedian’s utterances damaged her reputation and dignity and she has suffered damages in the sum of R200000.

In addition, she wants the comedian to post a video apology and retraction on social media on the podcast wherein he clarifies that she has never worked with the NPA, has no control over its decisions, and was supporting Moloi.

She also demands MacG, Sol and Duduzile apologise for broadcasting Tol Ass Mo’s statement. The apologies are to be broadcast on the podcast for 30 days.