Tol Ass Mo and family to enjoy a low-key Christmas. Image via Instagram @tolassmothegamer / @mrsmome.m

Tol Ass Mo and family to enjoy a low-key Christmas. Image via Instagram @tolassmothegamer / @mrsmome.m

Tol Ass Mo and family to spend Christmas together after separation

Tol Ass Mo and his wife, Mome, and children to enjoy a low-key festive season after a rocky year.

Tol Ass Mo and family to enjoy a low-key Christmas. Image via Instagram @tolassmothegamer / @mrsmome.m

Tol Ass Mo and family to enjoy a low-key Christmas. Image via Instagram @tolassmothegamer / @mrsmome.m

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for the Mahlangu’s as they are back to embracing the holiday spirit after rekindling their romance just in time for Christmas.

This festive season, instead of facing the prospect of being apart, comedian and gamer Mongezi Mahlangu, aka Tol Ass Mo, and Mome are back together, ready to savour the joys of family togetherness.

The couple faced a publicised separation earlier this year, with Tol Ass Mo winning a legal battle against accusations of sexual misconduct. The ensuing two-year legal drama took a toll on their marriage, prompting a temporary split. However, time proved to be a healer, and the Mahlangus found their way back to each other.

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Mome shared with ZiMoja that they’re opting for a low-key festive celebration, choosing to stay close to home and enjoy a natural healing process.

Despite Tol Ass Mo’s occasional out-of-town work commitments, the plan is to enjoy the outdoors, surrounded by the wilderness that provides a perfect backdrop for family bonding.

Reflecting on their rocky year, Mome emphasises the importance of calmness for their minds, bodies, and souls. The couple is rediscovering the joy in shared activities, reconnecting with extended family, and cherishing close friendships.

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As they prepare for their annual Christmas tradition, the Mahlangus are gearing up for a festive feast. The old-school cooking commences on Christmas Eve, followed by a night of Christmas movies. Family members are to stay over to create a warm atmosphere to catch-up after months of being separated.

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According to Mome, their reunion happened largely due to their love for each other.

“Love was the motivation,” she explained to ZiMoja. “We just never stopped loving each other even through our disagreements, we still spoke every day or WhatsApped one another. After 11 years of marriage, I guess that was our ‘sickness and health’ storm,”

Acknowledging the importance of mental health, the couple plan to regain balance spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

Mome disclosing this to ZiMoja, said they want “to find a balance in ourselves spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally because 2023 was the most traumatic year for us as a family but we made it through thick and thin.”

Looking ahead, the couple plan to resume paused projects in 2024, focusing on happiness, health, wealth, and maintaining good mental wellness. 

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