Shona Ferguson dance moves

Shona Ferguson. image via Instagram@connie_ferguson

What Connie Ferguson lost: The late Shona’s dance moves caught Mzansi off-guard [video]

Connie Ferguson’s late husband Shona’s dance moves reminded Mzansi that they lost a good actor and a happy soul.

Shona Ferguson dance moves

Shona Ferguson. image via Instagram@connie_ferguson

The late South African actor Shona Ferguson’s dance moves left fans realising the person he was.

Shona lost his life back in 2021 to Covid-19, and South Africa had been missing him so much.

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He was a television star and a great media personality with humour, jokes and great vibes.

He left behind his wife, Connie Ferguson, who shared his video dancing, and fans loved it.

Shona left a dancing culture in his family, and his wife and kids are carrying it forward.

When remembering him two years after his death, Connie Ferguson shared many pictures and videos of Shona.

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Among them was an exciting video where Shona was dancing during the night.

One fan specifically remembered the vibes and his contribution to the South African entertainment industry saying.

“Oooooh, South Africa was robbed of such great vibes, a man who changed many people’s lives – continue to rest in power, Shona”

Shona Ferguson dance moves
Shona and Connie Ferguson. Image via Instagram @connie_ferguson


When sharing the video on her Instagram, Connie Ferguson spoke much of what Shona was to her.

She spoke of how much they did so many things together with Shona.

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“We still do many things we did together, travel with the fam, eat your favourite food, play your favourite music, dance and laugh! Yes, we laugh a lot!😂 And every time we do, we can literally hear the echo of your laughter in the midst of ours!😇 You are just unforgettable man!😍 Truly one of a kind. God loved me so much he gave me you, and although it seems like it was only for 20 years, it was for eternity, because a love like ours never dies.” she said.


Even if Shona Ferguson passed on, his dance moves still live within his daughter Alicia.

A few months ago, Alicia pulled off impressive dance moves on TikTok and left fans praising her.

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His wife Connie Ferguson, is also a great dancer who is always in high spirits with her family.

When Connie was still with her fellow actors of The Queen, they once pulled off impressive dance moves with Themba Ndaba.

They all seemed to miss Shona Ferguson, but they will continue celebrating his life through dancing.