Nadia Nakai Braamfontein shooting

Nadia Nakai. image via Instagram @nadianakai

‘This can’t be the life’: Nadia Nakai responds to Braamfontein shooting

Nadia Nakai was left devasted by the Braamfontein shooting, and her message on Twitter left South Africans in more pain.

Nadia Nakai Braamfontein shooting

Nadia Nakai. image via Instagram @nadianakai

Nadia Nakai has responded to the Braamfontein shooting, saying that life can’t be lived like that.

Shootings have a special place in Nadia Nakai’s heart since she lost her boyfriend, AKA, in that manner.

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The shooting at Braamfontein has left most South Africans in tears as the videos went viral on social media.

Nadia spoke at large of how much she is pained and penned several Twitter messages expressing it.

She said she was even scared to open the video on Twitter as it reminds her of her boyfriend, AKA.

Nadia shared on her Twitter, and fans shared the same feeling.

“I was too afraid to open it… even the other one with the lady leaving the courthouse… like this can’t be the life we are living… Lord, the flood can come now… 😞”

Nadia Nakai Braamfontein shooting
Nadia Nakai. Image via Instagram @nadianakai


The bubbly rapper shared the message on her Twitter, leaving fans in agreement with her.

After the above message, she again sends another message expressing how much she was hurt.

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“He most likely was drunk, blinded by anger. Alcohol can lead you straight to the devil’s playground… but it couldn’t just end with a fist fight? Eish scary times 😞”

After her post, fans reacted to her message with the below comments.

“I think I’m the only one who still don’t want to watch videos of people being killed. I even refused to watch that Kiernan’s video till this day. Asifani!”

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“We have unfortunately become like that, no more sensitivity. We have run out of yohs! Things are that bad.”

“These are daily occurrences in the hood. I’ve witnessed a man being killed at a funeral, 2 years later da ppl who killed him were shot & killed in front of me. Only for da guy who killed da 2 men to be killed last year. Nothing abt ikasi is fun, im glad im out of that place”


According to EWN, the man involved in the shooting was a metro police officer and South African Police Service (Saps).

The man who was shot was reported to be a Metro police officer shot by a SAPS Officer who was off duty.

According to TimesLive, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) has confirmed that a murder investigation is underway.

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“Ipid is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death. The case would be investigated before any arrests could follow,” Ipid spokesperson Robbie Raburabu told the publication.”

“Giving more details on Twitter, @sa_crime tweeted: “It is alleged that the Saps officer was in his vehicle with his friend when they were allegedly approached by the [metro police officer], who is said to have had a firearm in his hand. It is alleged that the metro officer started assaulting the Saps officer outside the nightclub.”