Actress Thembi Seete

Thembi Seete is gorgeous. Image via Twitter @luthendoc

Thembi Seete shows off her moves on TikTok but SA isn’t feeling it [watch]

Thembi Seete is taking TikTok by storm but not everyone is loving it. One tweep tried to drag the musician but locals quickly shut her down.

Actress Thembi Seete

Thembi Seete is gorgeous. Image via Twitter @luthendoc

South African musician and actress Thembi Seete is undoubtedly a national treasure. The singer first became famous with her group Boom Shaka that also featured the late Lebo Mathosa. Over the years, she has seemingly aged like fine wine and continues to dazzle locals with her stunning looks and youthful personality.

One thing not many are sure of, are Thembi’s dance moves which recently raised eyebrows on Twitter.

Thembi Seete shows off her moves on TikTok

Media personality Thembi Seeti is a timeless beauty and no one can deny it. Even though she’s pretty quiet in the music industry, she will always be known for her classic hits.

The star appeared as a guest judge on Idols SA recently and locals were wowed at how she seems to be defying time. Many of them sang her praises on Twitter and called on her to permanently replace suspended judge Somizi.

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It seems like she may be too busy dancing on TikTok to take the role and to be honest, she is definitely a big vibe on the social media app.

Despite this, not everyone is loving her dance moves. One tweep actually took to the app to laugh at the star’s moves but was quickly shut down by other locals who wasted no time telling her where to get off.

Tweeps stand with the musician and her funky moves


“These no good for nothing kids want to bully Thembi Seete who’s twice their age. You guys are that insecure? Shame…anyway look at this fire video of the Queen dancing, not the ones these rascals are posting.”

@_xoxo_poppy said:

“It seems like ratchet girls have forgotten that Thembi Seete has been dancing and making music way before they were born. Like tf, sit down with your broke a***.”

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