Mamkhize salutes Thuso Mbedu

Thuso Mbedu. Image via Facebook @thuso.mbedu

The Woman King actress Thuso Mbedu flaunts her new SUV car [Pictures]

With 6 Porsche cars already, The Woman King actress Thuso Mbedu left Mzansi in awe as she bought another expensive new SUV car.

Mamkhize salutes Thuso Mbedu

Thuso Mbedu. Image via Facebook @thuso.mbedu

The Woman King actress Thuso Mbedu has shared her few weeks’ experiences with his new SUV car.

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Indeed, Thuso is a lady of big cars and is not backing down yet. Over the years, she had been a Porsche fan and always had the best cars. A few weeks ago, she had been showing Mzansi her 6th Porsche, which amazed the fans. Indeed, she seemed to be done with Porsche cars, and she is going big and expensive.

Shockingly, The Woman King’s Thuso Mbedu decided against showcasing her expensive SUV car when it was still new; she decided to drive it for a few weeks before telling her experience.

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Indeed, an SUV is entirely different from the low Porsches she had been driving. What a different experience to the life she had been living. Welcome to the world of SUVs, Thuso Mbedu.


Looking into Thuso Mbedu’s garage would make one feel they must be more serious about life. She is indeed living the dream regarding cars: she has the money to buy them.

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Thuso’s rise to stardom had been so fast, and that guaranteed her some big paycheques over the past few years. She can now afford to drive the most luxurious cars in the world as she is doing it.

Indeed, from being a Porsche lover to an SUV girl, Thuso has shown she is exploring. This time, she drives a big blue Cadillac XT4 that costs around R800 000.

After a week of driving it, she now has everything to share with fans. Indeed, Thuso Mbedu is slowly becoming a new ‘Woman King’ of SUV cars.

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Here is what The Woman King actress Thuso Mbedu told of her new SUV car: she forgot that she had been driving as she enjoyed the SUV’s comfort. Thuso said that driving long distances had been tough for her with SUVs, but the Cadillac XT4 improved their life.


Fellow actress Pearl Thusi was left stunned that Thuso had bought another new car, she said: “Washa too many cars thuso!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥”. Many other celebs and fans also send her congratulatory messages as they celebrate with her.

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Awww😍😍Our Beautiful Nokwanda….asazi ne Khadilakh ke apha eSouthaaa and the only Ventura we know is Ace Ventura-Jim Carrey😂…we are just all here to marvel at your beauty and excited to see you WIN girl ❤️

I’m so loving this hair❤️

The original before the 6 Porsches. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥