Harriet misses Uncle Brutus

Connie Ferguson and Themba Ndaba. Image via Instagram @connie_ferguson

The Queen’s Harriet misses good old days with Uncle Brutus [watch]

Former ‘The Queen’ actress Connie ‘Harriet’ Ferguson has expressed how much she misses her good days with Themba ‘Uncle Brutus’ Ndaba.

Harriet misses Uncle Brutus

Connie Ferguson and Themba Ndaba. Image via Instagram @connie_ferguson

Former The Queen actress Connie Ferguson, who played Harriet Khoza, misses her best moments with Themba Ndaba, who played Uncle Brutus.

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On the show, Harriet Khoza and Brutus had a complicated relationship that thrilled fans. Some days on The Queen, they fought their enemies side by side, and it was lovely to watch. On other occasions, they were after each others’ heads.

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Putting aside their bumpy TV relationship, Ferguson and Ndaba had an excellent relationship behind the scenes.

Harriet misses Uncle Brutus
Connie Ferguson. Image via Instagram @connie_ferguson


The Queen actors had managed to make their workplace a family away from home. A few weeks ago, Connie shared a joke she made while shooting with Olerato, and it was lovely.

Ferguson has admitted that she misses her opposing character in The Queen, Uncle Brutus, and Judging from his onset character, it’s easy to see that he’s Themba Ndaba is hilarious. Other people who have worked with him also have testimonies.

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While shooting, Ndaba was supposed to be start a scene but he didn’t, and Ferguson intervened. As other cast members suggested that Ndaba redo the scene, he refused jokingly as everyone laughed. Here is what Ferguson said:

🤣🤣🤣 I miss my tribe!❤️❤️❤️

Watch The Queen’s Harriet and Brutus’s best moments behind the scenes


Indeed, things haven’t been the same for Ferguson and Ndaba since they left The Queen. A few days after leaving the show, Ndaba had already found a new job on Redemption, a new telenovela.

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As for Ferguson, she spent some time without having any significant role on TV. She later rejoined Generations: The Legacy, the drama that started her career. Since then, she has brought a lot of quality to the stage, and fans love it.