Mondli Makhoba Wakanda fighting

Mondli Makhoba and Chadwick Boseman. Images via Instagram @chadwickboseman @mondlimakhoba

‘The next Wakanda’ – Mondli Makhoba’s fantastic fighting skills get noticed [watch]

‘King Shaka’ Mondli Makhoba is tipped to replace Chadwick Boseman as the next Wakanda after showcasing his amazing fighting skills.

Mondli Makhoba Wakanda fighting

Mondli Makhoba and Chadwick Boseman. Images via Instagram @chadwickboseman @mondlimakhoba

Mondli Makhoba is dubbed ‘The next Wakanda’ after showcasing his outstanding fighting skills in a viral movement drill.

Makhoba is popularly known for his role as King Shaka in Shaka Inkosi YamaKhosi. Mondli had been among the most respected and loved actors in the South African film industry. In Africa, only a few fans know Mondli’s full name; they only refer to him as King Shaka out of his outstanding performance in the top movie.

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Indeed, Mondli Makhoba is targeting high, and his fantastic fighting skills have left fans dreaming of him as ‘the next Wakanda’. Indeed, this profile fits Mondli so much; he is physical and has a sound background in action movies. He will be another exciting addition to the already fine performing artists on Black Panther, like Connie Chiume.

Since the death of Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther has not been the same. Bringing Mondli Makhoba with his fighting skills as ‘the next Wakanda’ would be a game-changer.

Mondli Makhoba Wakanda fighting
Mondli Makhoba. Image via Instagram @mondlimakhoba

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Indeed, it is a fantastic imagination to see Mondli Makhoba in the five-star movie Black Panther; his fighting skills will blend well with the storyline


As for Mondli, fighting comes to him naturally and effortlessly. It is his natural gift that he had managed to channel into acting, and he is making a living out of it. He is making a living and a fortune now, starting to get severe international attention.

It may seem small, but producers worldwide can see what fans would e saying across social media platforms. Thanks to DJ Big Paak, it is possible that Mondli Makhoba may be successful as ‘the next Wakanda’ after watching his fighting skills. Indeed nobody could doubt his capabilities.

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Mondli invested in his fighting and had been practising movement on the video. It looked so perfect, as if it was already a trailer for a movie.

Many other fans expressed their love of ‘the next Wakanda’ Mondli Makhoba’s fighting skills as they showed him some love.

Watch Mondli Makhoba’s fighting skills