Springboks bae prays

People praying for the Springboks. Image via Instagram @layla_kolbe

‘Thank you Jesus’: Springboks player’s bae prays for the team to win big in France

No wonder they are winning so much – Springboks player’s bae gives a powerful prayer as she prays for the team to go and win in France.

Springboks bae prays

People praying for the Springboks. Image via Instagram @layla_kolbe

Cheslin Kolbe’s bae Layla puts in a powerful prayer as she prays for the Springboks to go and win.

Layla is one of the biggest fans of the Springboks, as she supports her husband and the team.

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Layla seems to have much to lose if the Springboks lose, and she goes a little more than supporting.

She prays for the team; she even takes good care of Cheslin so that he goes and performs well.

Layla is praying with them as the Springboks travel from London to France.

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She wants them to be injury-free and to show their quality to the world.

Sharing on her Instagram, Layala prayed for the team with other family members and fans.

“The Power! 🙏🏽 Blessing as we head back to France and prayer for our boys 💚💛”

Springboks bae prays
Kolbe and his wife. image via Instagram @layla_kolbe


When she married Cheslin, Layla gave up her career to pursue Chartered accountancy.

She sacrificed it all to support Cheslin’s rugby dreams, and being part of the national team is the epitome.

This is all it means to Layla when she sees the Springboks; it is her life and career on the line.

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This is also the same with other ladies like Rachel Kolisi, who are living and sleeping on the success of the Springboks.

Hopefully, their prayers work, as the Springboks kit is a hot form ahead of the World Cup.

They ripped the All Blacks apart, the nation is in high hopes, and Layla is praying even more.


After Cheslin’s bae prays for the Springboks, fans loved it and praised her.

“A family that prays together stays together 😍❤️ blessings🙏”

“Through prayer everything comes into existence 🙌🙌🙌”

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“May the Holy spirit go before you and prepare every person that you and your family comes into contact with ❤️May from ground hostess,air hostesses,passagers,travellers,that God bless the work of their hands,may he give you travelling mercies in the Mighty name of Jesus and that He cover you with His precious blood.”

“There’s nothing greater you can give your children, than Jesus Christ. Train up a child in the way he should go, and he won’t depart from it. Keep on keeping on. In this crazy world where things are falling apart, your world is falling into place. Many blessings xoxo”