Mihlali MacG

Mihlali says MacG wants to be a woman. Images via Twitter @Mihlalii_N/Twitter

‘TF is this’: Tweeps slam Mihlali’s Social Media Personality award

Not the girl she thinks she is? Mihlali Ndamase just won Social Media Personality of The Year but not everyone thinks she deserves it…

Mihlali MacG

Mihlali says MacG wants to be a woman. Images via Twitter @Mihlalii_N/Twitter

Mihlali Ndamase has definitely made a name for herself in South Africa’s social media space. While many are happy to celebrate the young woman’s achievements, others do not think she has done enough to be winning awards.

Many of them voiced these opinions when she headed online to celebrate her Social Media Personality of The Year award.

Mihlali secures another award but tweeps aren’t happy

Mihlali Ndamase is a 25-year-old beauty blogger who first became popular when she started a YouTube page dedicated to makeup tutorials. Over the years her page became highly successful and so far has amassed over 340 000 subscribers.

On Instagram, she also has an impressive following of over 1.2 million but this is seemingly not enough for locals who slammed the South African Social Media Awards for naming Mihlali the country’s Social Media Personality of 2021.

A lot of them took to Twitter where they questioned why she had won the award when there are so many other South African influencers doing the most on their pages.

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@SidwelSibusiso asked:

“Some awards don’t make sense, what did you do to deserve it?”

@ZipheKhumalo wrote:

“TF is this?”

Fans quickly clapback

Mihlali’s many fans and supporters were not taking the hate laying down and quickly jumped to her defense. Many of them swiftly shut down the haters while advising Mimi not to pay mind to what they had to say. Here are some of their comments:

@roderic_Simpson said:

“You are a queen you deserve all the good that’s coming to you!”

@MkivaU said:

“Imagine, a little Sidwel throwing a shade to Mihlali Ndamase… some people mara”

@Jolakazi07 said:

“They won’t make sense to you because it is not your line of work. Stick to wat u do from 9 to 5. It is witchcraft to discredit someone’s achievement.”

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