steve hofmeyr, devon, eff, malema

Steve Hofmeyr’s Devon has spoken out against critics.
Images via Facebook: @deonhofmeyrfanpage

Steve Hofmeyr’s son defends EFF clash: ‘You will not touch us’

Steve Hofmeyr’s son Devon has called SA’s current state of affairs – particularly the EFF – an ‘oppressive system rigged against us’.

steve hofmeyr, devon, eff, malema

Steve Hofmeyr’s Devon has spoken out against critics.
Images via Facebook: @deonhofmeyrfanpage

Despite criticism from the public, Steve Hofmeyr’s son Devon has defended his clash with members of the EFF. Earlier this week, the young Afrikaans singer led a group of men called the “Bittereinders” in the quest to confront Julius Malema.

The clip of their physical clash went viral on social media.

Devon is Steve’s second child, whom he welcomed with ex-Noline Fourie in 1992.

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On Wednesday, 2 August, Devon Hofmeyr led the white Afrikaaner men to the EFF’s headquarters in Marshall Street, Johannesburg.

Devon documented the incident on Facebook Live.

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“Come kill us now,” he yelled at security, who refused to let the group in. “We are not scared of you”, he added.

At the time, Malema was addressing media members inside the building.

The confrontation turned into a physical clash, with one of the men slapped by EFF Secretary General Marshall Dlamini. The group retreated after a heated exchange of words.

steve hofmeyr, devon, malema, eff
Steve Hofmeyr’s son Devon led a group of men to confront EFF leader Julius Malema. Images via Facebook: @devonhofmeyrfanpage

Watch the video here.

On social media, many South Africans accused Devon of instigating an issue.

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@BRA_MATHIBELA: “This is total disrespect. I understand they want to display their displeasure, but not like this.”

@S1027961: “Provocation just for provocation’s sake.”

@ya_bertram: “They went there to get attention and cause a commotion to play victim so that cameras can capture the situation”.

@larry_terrier: “Intimidation tactics.”



After being dragged on Twitter by EFF supporters, Devon defended his actions on his Facebook account.

Responding to an article by The South African, he posted of his critics: “We are not fools. You aren’t dealing with stupid people here. We know how this works. The Bittereinders and I surround us with intelligent people. 

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“Before any conversation can take place, we must ensure that the level of basic thinking and understanding is present because its absence is felt deep within”.

He added: “My generation will not bend its knee to this oppressive system that is rigged up against us”.

Im glad that the South African just reminded the public that the EFF laid ‘Incitement of Violence’ charges againts me….

Posted by Devon Hofmeyr on Thursday, 3 August 2023

In a series of tweets, Devon also had his say.

He posted: “Im astonished that 11 unarmed Bittereinders with the intent of having a conversation with @Julius_S_Malema
caused the EFF to totally lose their minds. You guys are not focused on the job ahead. But good to know”.

He also clapped back at an EFF supporter who threatened to pay him a visit. “I’ll be on the lookout for you”, he replied.