Somizi and Mohale are having trouble finalising their divorce. Image via Instagram @somizi

State of Somhale: Is Somizi’s heartbreak song a ‘superwoman’ message to Mohale?

Fans believe Somizi lip-syncing the ultimate 1980s heartbreak song, ‘I’m Not Your Superwoman’, is a not-so-subtle message to his hubby Mohale.


Somizi and Mohale are having trouble finalising their divorce. Image via Instagram @somizi

Over the Easter weekend, Somizi took to Instagram to lipsync the iconic heartbreak song  I’m Not Your Superwoman by Karyn White which fans believe was directed at his rocky marriage with Mohale Motaung. 

However, Somizi sang the sad song with a huge smile on his face as he was comforted by his best friend, Vusi Nova.


Somizi posted two videos to his Instagram account, both without a caption.

The lyrics of the song seem fitting to Somizi’s once fairy tale marriage which is rumoured to be on the rocks for the last few months now. There has been both divorce rumours and hope for the future as Somizi said that their marriage is just going through the “one-year” challenge

“Your eggs are over easy, your toast done lightly. All that’s missing is your morning kiss that used to greet me. Now you say the juice is sour, it used to be so sweet. And I can’t help but to wonder if you’re talking ’bout me,” sang Somizi. 

“We don’t talk the way we used to talk, it’s hurtin’ so deep. I’ve got my pride, I will not cry. But it’s makin’ me weak” he continued. 

The lyrics speak for themselves and for Somizi’s sake, we hope Mohale was listening.


Aside from the obvious first thought of Somizi’s husband Mohale coming to mind, fans also commented on Somizi and Vusi Nova’s lyrics.

“Vusi was not born yet, Somizi” wrote @phumzac.

“???????????????? you really do know the lyrics???????? ????❤️” wrote @luyandasishi07.

“Why am I doubting that you are singing the right lyrics?????..” wrote @amanda_m.t.


Somizi’s clearly does not dwell on his emotions, but rather jump at any opportunity to be off on his next “bestie-cation” with Vusi Nova. Their new every two-week bestie-cation tradition began back in early February when the pair jetted off to Cape Town to live their best, soft lives in luxury accommodation and a yacht, followed by a safari at Kruger National Park and then their was their one in Pretoria in celebration of their 16-year friendship anniversary.

The best friend duo mixes business with pleasure for Somizi to ensure he is able to secure the bag. 

“Let’s go make more money bestie,” Somizi captioned a picture of himself with Vusi Nova.

The celebrity chef and Idols SA judge — who shaved off his hair over the weekend — is currently serving up some of his cuisine to his fans at the Cofi Brooklyn restaurant in Pretoria with next week Sunday being the last of his Pretoria tour before he hits other cities taking Vusi Nova along for the ride. 

Here is a quick look at their Easter weekend spoils: