Elton Jantjies

Did Elton Jantjies’s wife Iva Ristic throw shade at his alleged mistress Zeenat Simjee?
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‘Random trash’: Did Elton Jantjies’s wife shade Zeenat Simjee?

Despite being blue-ticked by Springboks dietician Zeenat Simjee, Elton Jantjies’s wife continues to throw shade in her direction.

Elton Jantjies

Did Elton Jantjies’s wife Iva Ristic throw shade at his alleged mistress Zeenat Simjee?
Images via Instagram
@ivarisstic/ Facebook @zeenatimaans

After allegations of having a lengthy affair with her Springboks player husband, Elton Jantjies, Iva Ristic continues to throw subtle shade at team dietician Zeenat Simjee.

Allegations of a romantic relationship between the flyhalf and the Boks staff first came to light in August this year. However, a recent report claimed that Elton and Zeenat’s affair allegedly dates back to 2019 – the same year he married Iva.

Unsurprisingly, Iva has clarified that she and Elton will formalise their divorce in the New Year.

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In her Instagram Stories, Elton Jantjies’s wife, Iva Ristic, posted a cryptic quote that seemingly throws shade at both her husband and his alleged mistress Zeenat Simjee.

Sharing a picture of a spider in its web, the caption read: “Male spiders will often wrap up bugs and gift them to female spiders to increase their chances of mating.

“But sometimes, male spiders wrap up random trash, hoping the female spiders don’t notice until after they’ve gotten lucky.”

Reacting to the quote, Iva added: “Hmm” with a laughing-with-tears emoji.

Elton Jantjies
Did Elton Jantjies wife Iva throw shade at Zeenat SImjee with this IG Story? Image via @ivarisstic

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It’s not the first time Iva has thrown shade at Zeenat Simjee following news of the affair.

In September, Zeenat released a statement denying any involvement with Elton Jantjies. But Iva quickly clapped back that the Springboks dietician had “blocked” her on Instagram. She also claims that Boks employee did not offer her an explanation.

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Iva shared in an IG Story at the time: “Confused reading the statement from the good-hearted Zeenat talking about [a] completely different weekend that has nothing to do with the timing of the actual incident is actually hilarious.

“And I still don’t get why she blocked me on Instagram and didn’t say a word to me.”

Throwing shade, Iva added: “If that was me, I was going to…Oh wait, that will never be me. Nevermind!”.


According to You Magazine, a source claims that Elton Jantjies admitted to beginning his affair with Zeenat Simjee in 2019.

Zeenat joined the Springboks as a dietician in 2019, months before the team won the Rugby World Cup, reports News24. Elton has been with the Boks since 2012.

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Elton and Iva tied the knot in a low-key ceremony just weeks before the Rugby World Cup. They share three children together.

Zeenat Simjee continues to ignore requests for comment.