Sorisha naidoo

Taking to Instagram, Sorisha Naidoo posted snaps of herself looking lovely. Images via Instagram: @sorishanaidoo

Every girls dream? Sorisha shares glimpse of fancy shoe collection

Shoes on fleek: Sorisha Naidoo left us all feeling a little jealous after she a glimpse of her beautiful and pricey shoe collection.

Sorisha naidoo

Taking to Instagram, Sorisha Naidoo posted snaps of herself looking lovely. Images via Instagram: @sorishanaidoo

Real Housewives of Durban star Sorisha Naidoo is living the life that many people could only dream of. She is fit, fabulous and married to a successful billionaire businessman who loves her publicly. The pair’s lavish lifestyle remains the envy of many. And now even more ladies are wishing to be her after she shared a little glimpse into her luxury shoe collection.

Taking to Instagram, she posted snaps of herself posing in her closet next to the eye-catching shoe rack which boasts many pairs of beautiful shoes.

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Sorisha gives us a glimpse into her closet

Sorisha Naidoo, reality TV star, actress and businesswoman from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal is one of the few humble wealthy stars in South Africa.

She is married to Edison Group founder Vivian Reddy who recently built Oceans Mall in Umhlanga.

The pair live the life that many only dream of and are one of the country’s most famous couples.

Sorisha Naidoo has warned her fans against falling victim to con artists. Images via Instagram: @sorishanaidoo
Sorisha Naidoo is absolutely fabulous. Images via Instagram: @sorishanaidoo

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Many are often left with their jaws dropped whenever Sorisha gives us a glimpse of her lavish lifestyle.

Over the weekend, she decided to do just that after taking to her Instagram to share a series of snaps of herself posing next to her large shoe rack.

On the shelves, shoes of different kinds and designs — all undoubtedly expensive — stood in rows. Of course, she also looked gorgeous in her shimmery gold jumpsuit.

Take a look below:

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The rare combination: Humble and wealthy

Sorisha previously received high praise for being so humble despite all the money in her bank account.

Many were pleasantly surprised when she showed off her culinary skills and proved herself to be a beauty with brains who is also domesticated.

“Real billionaires make their own food. Real billionaires know their source of food. I love you Sori-sori, you are so humble, you are so principled,” one fan wrote.

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