Sophie Ndaba

Sophie Ndaba. Image via Instagram @sophiendaba_

‘I have risen from the dead’: Sophie Ndaba 50th birthday plans

Legendary actress Sophie Ndaba from the iconic South African soapie, ‘Generations’, will be turning 50 soon and will reportedly host a party.

Sophie Ndaba

Sophie Ndaba. Image via Instagram @sophiendaba_

Former Generations actress Sophie Ndaba has been mocked and ridiculed since her health took a turn, making her lose weight and explained that she had been suffering from diabetes for several years and decided to keep a low profile and focus on herself; however, the iconic actress is back and says she has “risen from the dead,” as she looks forward to turning 50 this year.


According to Zalebs, Sophie Ndaba has been living with diabetes for over 11 years and she could not be more grateful for the gift of life.

 She reportedly said that although her journey had not been easy, her “faith” was keeping her grounded.

Ndaba reportedly shared that she was feeling much better and was starting to “see results.” She vows to “keep on keeping on.”

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Ndaba was quoted as saying,

“I have risen from the dead, as people said. I am strong; my mind and spirit are strong. I have my days of ups and down. But my focus is looking ahead, moving forward, and being excited about what is yet to come.

“Right now, I’m in the middle of my storm, which is not really a storm, but I can see the light,” she reportedly added.

Sophie Ndaba
Sophie Ndaba reportedly shared she would host a 50th birthday this year. Image via Instagram @sophiendaba_

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Ndaba was born on 29 June 1973. She reportedly shared that she plans to host a “survival and thanksgiving” celebration for her 50th birthday to show her gratitude for reaching “half” of her life.

“I want to dedicate my 50 years to survival and thanksgiving. In June, I will host a thanksgiving celebration. Even if we eat kotas, it’s not about fabulosity but about gratitude. I am excited that God has kept me, and I have seen half my life.”

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Last September, Ndaba expressed she did not appreciate people mocking her about her health because she was living with a “killer disease”, TshisaLIVE reported.  She was said to have shared that she was a single mother to children that still needed her and reportedly said she did not need the extra stress.

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