'DiepCity' actress Sonia Mbele behind-the-scenes of 'DiepCity'

‘DiepCity’ actress Sonia Mbele behind-the-scenes of ‘DiepCity’. Image via Twitter @ThabangTweezus

Sonia Mbele on ‘dating’ Menzi Ngubane and other revelations on ‘MacG’

The actress sat down with MacG on ‘Podcast and Chill’ and discussed dating, her relationship with Menzi Ngubane, Basetsana Khumalo and more…

'DiepCity' actress Sonia Mbele behind-the-scenes of 'DiepCity'

‘DiepCity’ actress Sonia Mbele behind-the-scenes of ‘DiepCity’. Image via Twitter @ThabangTweezus

Multi-talented entrepreneur and actress Sonia Mbele was a guest star in this week’s episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG.

The producer — who divorced businessman Leslie Sedibe in 2014 — opened up about dating in 2021, her friendship with Basetsana Khumalo, her childhood, and her relationship with late Generations actor Menzi Ngubane.

Sonia Mbele looking for ‘old-school boyfriend’

The actress told MacG (Macgyver Mukwevho) that she’s struggling to find a boyfriend because she’s still old-school and can’t find a man who will open a door for her, pull up her chair and look her in the eyes.

MacG then responded by saying that it might take her a while to find anyone soon because men don’t do that anymore



The actress also dismissed rumours that she ever dated Generations actor Menzi Ngubane who played her on-screen husband at the time.

Ngubane passed away this year (March 2021) after suffering from a stroke according to his family.

Mbele said she and Ngubane were highly professional and respected each other way too much to ever cross the line.

It was like bye. Not even once. Like to a point where we say goodbye and we respect each others’ spaces.

I would not call him at home ever. Some boundaries should not be crossed and we never crossed one single one.

The minute they call it to wrap, you go that way. You lose that person’s number.

Even if there’s something you need, you’d rather go via production.

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Mbele told the podcaster that she grew up poor and that at one point her mother was unemployed for many years.

She also told MacG that she got her first job at Truworths after a community member helped her create her CV.

I walked from this shop to this shop and they would be like ‘awukho umsebenzi (no help wanted).

Then I walked in at Truworths and I found the security guy at the gate and I was like ‘listen I was here the other day.

I was asked to bring my CV. I’m looking for this supervisor’… and that’s when I got my gig as a working-class.


The actress revealed in December 2020 on Phat Joe’s controversial talk show, Cheeky Palate, that her jealous ex-husband at the time, Leslie Sedibe, was behind her exit from Generations.

The revelation came nine years after her exit from the show where she played the role of Menzi Ngubane’s (Sibusiso Dhlomo) on-screen wife, Ntombi Dhlomo. 

It was very difficult, he (Leslie) didn’t … appreciate the on-screen romance with Menzi (Ngubane, who played Sizwe Dhlomo) and in the end I had to make the decision for my marriage).

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