somizi sompire

Sompire Kids founder Somizi Mhlongo. Image via Instagram: @somizi

Sompire Kids will be available in physical stores in February 2024

Somizi says that he welcomes feedback regarding his kiddies range. He also added that there will be physical stores in the near future.

somizi sompire

Sompire Kids founder Somizi Mhlongo. Image via Instagram: @somizi

Despite receiving backlash over the launch of his clothing line, media personality Somizi Mhlongo went full speed ahead with his plans and has launched the website for his kiddies clothing range, Sompire Kids. The clothing line features items that cost between R400 and R900 and are receiving tons of compliments online.

In light of this, he recently shared that he will actually opening up physical stores in February next year.

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Inside Somizi’s anticipated kiddies clothing range

Despite facing backlash over his kids clothing range, Somizi is promoting the brand extensively and has opened up about his inspiration behind the line.

“Sompire encourages kids to be themselves. It encourages boldness. It mainly revolves around positivity, loving themselves and being confident enough to be who they truly are. Hence the slogan: “Brave enough to be yourself.”

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Somizi’s clothing line is finally out. Image from Instagram@somizi

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He recently told IOL news that he worked hard to bring the dream to life and wanted the clothes to be both exceptional and practical.

The media personality also said that he is welcoming of criticism and feedback.

“Feedback will serve as a continuous tool to keep us at the forefront of the industry, enabling us to enhance and refine our offerings for a more impactful customer experience,”

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Resilience in the face of backlash

Unfortunately, in the last couple of weeks there were not many compliments for the presenter who faced criticism over placing a logo of his face on some of the items. Some people even called the label cringe.

“Branding/logo could have been simpler to reflect the target audience. While kids know Somizi it’s parents who will buy the clothes and relate with brand. Kids on the other hand relate to simple concepts like a cute baby animal,a fruit and a cute name rather than Sompire,” one person said.

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