Slik Talk

Slik Talk just bashed Maphorisa. Image via YouTube: Slik Talk

Clip of Slik Talk dragging Maphorisa over Thuli P resurfaces [watch]

‘Crying like a simp’: The famous video of Slik Talk bashing Maphorisa for crying over Thuli P has made its way back online.

Slik Talk

Slik Talk just bashed Maphorisa. Image via YouTube: Slik Talk

Hundreds of Twitter users are currently discussing the assault allegations which have reportedly been levelled against Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe aka DJ Maphorisa. On Sunday 7 May, the musician’s actress girlfriend Thulisile “DJ Thuli P” Phongolo laid charges against Maphorisa who reportedly appeared in court this morning.

In light of this, a video of controversial YouTuber Slik Talk bashing DJ Maphorisa over his relationship with the actress and DJ has resurfaced as locals discuss Slik Talk warning the musician to leave the Thuli P alone.

Old clip of Slik Talk slamming Maphorisa resurfaces

Slik Talk has gained a reputation for himself as a big celebrity basher. This is because he consistently heads over to his YouTube page to share videos of himself criticising local celebrities.

Last year, Slik Talk sunk his teeth into DJ Maphorisa over his relationship with gorgeous actress Thuli Phongolo.

Thuli Phongolo and DJ Maphorisa
Thuli Phongolo and DJ Maphorisa. Images from Twitter and Facebook@thuli_p@djmaphorisa

In a short clip, Slik called Maphorisa a “clown” and a “simp”.

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“I found DJ Maphorisa crying like a simp. I was like what are you doing? You are DJ Mphorisa. He was saying ‘Oh he took her’. Grow up, man. DJ Maphoisa is a rich simp.”

“He is ugly and rich, you can see that he has been ugly for his whole life and only got girls after high school. Then you have Mr JazziQ who has been a player for his whole life so he took her and dominated.

“He took his girl and put it on his feed. Then what did Maphorisa do? He was like I’m going to unfollow him on Instagram. What type of clown does that? He is a simp,” Slik Talk said in his video.

After the news of Maphorisa assaulting Thuli P went viral, the clip resurfaced on Twitter.

“After all, Slik Talk was right about Dj Maphorisa. Thuli P sees a chemically imbalanced simp in Maphorisa,” the clip was captioned:

Meanwhile, Mzansi weighs in

After the clip resurfaced, South Africans shared their thoughts on Slik’s famous old words:

“He is always right though,” one person commented while another added:

“Slik never misses!!”

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