'Skeem Saam'

Actor Hungani Ndlovu joins ‘Skeem Saam’ as Tbose Maputla . Images via Twitter @PhilMphela

‘Ga ke tsebe’: ‘Skeem Saam’s’ Hungani Ndlovu tweets in Sepedi

Multilingual actor Hungani Ndlovu, who recently joined ‘Skeem Saam’ as Tbose Maputla has proven to soapie fans that he’s fluent in Sepedi.

'Skeem Saam'

Actor Hungani Ndlovu joins ‘Skeem Saam’ as Tbose Maputla . Images via Twitter @PhilMphela

Former Scandal! actor Hungani Ndlovu took to social media last week to answer fans questions regarding his new role as Thabo “Tbose” Maputla in Skeem Saam.

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The popular actor Hungani Ndlovu, who replaced Cornet Mamabolo as Tbose Maputla has been tweeting in Sepedi to Skeem Saam fans since entertainment commentator Phil Mphela announced he joined the show.

Here are four times the actor replied/tweeted in Sepedi to his soapie fans:

  • When a fan @lerona_ona asked him: “Tbose ha a bue sekgowa, o tlo sebetsa jwang?” (Tbose doesn’t speak English, how will you manage?)
  • The actor replied: “Ke tlo soma gabotse.” (I will manage)
  • @KhutsoMatjee also asked him: “How is your Sepedi? Or will it be English 100% of the time?”
  • Ndlovu replied: “Ke Skeem Saam, so onaga eng?” (It’s Skeem Saam, so what do you think)
  • @ramsthulani_ said: “This might sound crazy, but I have never even heard you speak vernac, so how this gonna work?”
  • The actor replied: “I’ve never heard you either, so hayi ke we’ll see ko pele.” (…we’ll see)
  • When @Phumerh_m asked him: “Are you fluent in Sepedi?”
  • Ndlovu replied: “Gake tsebe.” (I don’t know)

The dancer and actor admited to Daily Sun that the role was a challenging one to take on but he was excited as it would allow him to grow.

He added that Tbose character was a big role as it was recast of a pre-existing character and it took him out of his comfort zone. 

“I am super excited about this role. It’s a huge opportunity to be on a show like Skeem Saam,” he said.

Ndlovu adds that he had to change his mindset to connect with his latest character and said didn’t think he was going to secure the role at one point.

“Going to the auditions for it was something else. At some point I thought I wasn’t going to get it as there were lots of great talents during the auditions.”

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The talented actor Hungani Ndlovu also tells the People’s Paper that he will be creating a new character for Skeem Saam fans and joining the show as Tbose is not about replacing Cornet Mamabolo.

@Morwa_Mahlako: “But this dude speaks English fela.”

@Ngobeni_01: “Akere Tbose was overseas, so now he can’t speak Sepedi anymore.”

@Deejaye1978: “I was wondering how he was going to pull off that character of Tbose. Surely he had enough time after #etvScandal to master Sepedi.”

@SlikTalk_SA: “That show was built around you. Your absence affects too many characters on the show for them to do it without you. They had no choice but to bring another Tbose because that character is too important. I hope the new guy doesn’t ruin the show.”

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