SK Khoza Profile: Bio, age, fa

SK Khoza. Images via Instagram @skcoza

SK Khoza Profile: Bio, age, family, career and Instagram

Explore the captivating and complex life of Sthembiso SK Khoza, from meteoric rise to controversial choices.

SK Khoza Profile: Bio, age, fa

SK Khoza. Images via Instagram @skcoza

South African entertainer Sthembiso SK Khoza has captivated audiences with his magnetic presence on shows like “The Queen” and “The River.” However, his off-screen persona, often described as controversial and daring, has earned him the title of the entertainment industry’s “bad boy.” Khoza’s life is a captivating tapestry woven with threads of both triumph and scandal, from his impressive acting repertoire to his headline-grabbing controversies. This article delves into his journey, examining how his personality, choices, and challenges have shaped him as both an artist and an individual.

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Khoza was raised in KwaZulu-Natal amidst a family steeped in artistic expression. This upbringing ignited a passion for performing that led him to participate in various school and community productions. Driven by an unwavering dream of stardom, he ventured to Johannesburg in 2008 and quickly landed his first acting role in the popular soap opera “Muvhango.” Since then, his career has taken off, featuring him in acclaimed shows like “Isibaya,” “Ayeye,” and “The Herd.” His talents extend beyond acting, as he has also hosted captivating reality shows like “The Final Cut” and “The Bachelor South Africa.” Today, he stands as the executive producer of his own production company, “Khoza Entertainment,” demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and ambition.


Full NameSthembiso SK Khoza 
Gender Male
Date of birth 1 July 1986
Place of birth Ntuzuma, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Age (At the time of publishing) 37 Years
Zodiac sign Cancer
Nationality South African
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Black
Sexual orientation Straight
Occupation TV presenter, Actor
Social media accountsInstagram


1986 marked the arrival of Sthembiso “SK” Khoza in Ntuzuma, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Immersed in a family already etched in the public eye, his father, Stan Khoza, led the Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union, while his mother, Lindiwe Khoza, also held considerable public recognition. According to CityCeleb, this familial influence extended to his brother, Abdul Khoza, a renowned actor known for his portrayal of Qaphela in the popular soap opera “Isibaya.”

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Growing up and receiving his education within KwaZulu-Natal, Khoza was undoubtedly shaped by his family’s background. He honed his academic skills at Parkhill High School before pursuing further studies at the University of Johannesburg, graduating with a degree in Sports Management.


SK’s early career saw him honing his skills in diverse roles. He cut his teeth presenting shows like “Goal Diggerz” and “Mzanzi Ridez,” and reported on the entertainment scene for Vuzu TV. As per Sathub, his voice resonated even on radio, where he served as an MC and voice-over artist for Trans Africa Radio.

But 2012 marked a turning point when he stepped onto the acting stage, debuting as DJ Teeman in “Inkaba.” He continued to charm audiences as the host of the “Mzansi Wethu” dance show until 2014.

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Then came the role that catapulted him to fame: Shaka in “The Queen.” He became a fan favourite, earning the moniker “The Ferguson’s darling” after appearing in several of their productions. However, his journey on the show ended amidst controversy.

Today, SK keeps audiences captivated not only in South African productions but also on the global stage. He stars in the hit Netflix series “King of Joburg,” showcasing his talent to a wider audience.


Sthembiso SK Khoza maintains a private life outside of his acting career. He prioritises focusing his public persona on his professional achievements within the entertainment industry. While details about his relationships remain private, it is known he actively contributes to the industry through his production company, Khoza Entertainment. He also shares a close bond with his brother, Abdul Khoza, who is also a successful actor.


SK Khoza enjoys a strong social media presence, connecting with his fans on platforms like Instagram. The multi-talented actor, Sthembiso ‘SK’ Khoza is on Instagram with over 1M followers.

Sthembiso “SK” Khoza’s story is still being written, a tapestry woven with triumphs, challenges, and the ever-present spotlight. With his undeniable talent, unwavering ambition, and penchant for pushing boundaries, there’s no telling what chapters his future holds. Will he conquer new creative heights, leave controversy in his wake, or perhaps find a balance between the two? Only time will tell. One thing is sure: SK Khoza will continue to keep audiences guessing. Captivated, and eager for the next chapter in his compelling journey.