sk khoza abdul

SK Khoza’s brother Abdul Khoza is worried about his brother. Image via Instagram: @skkhoza

‘Call me!’: Abdul reaches out to brother SK Khoza following viral sex tape

SK Khoza’s sex tape is still trending on social media and he doesn’t seem to mind. His brother Abdul, however, seems genuinely concerned.

sk khoza abdul

SK Khoza’s brother Abdul Khoza is worried about his brother. Image via Instagram: @skkhoza

South African actor SK Khoza has been acting pretty out of character since the beginning of the year. He first went viral after being seen visibly intoxicated and having a verbal altercation with a resort manager, whom he later accused of racism. Another video followed this time showing Khoza acting up at a petrol station. Just when his supporters thought he had calmed down, an oral sex tape of him was shared online while he explained that he was joining the adult content subscription site OnlyFans.

His brother Abdul Khoza – also an actor – is seemingly concerned about this behaviour and tried to reach out to him on social media.

Abdul Khoza worries about sex star SK Khoza

A few months ago, SK Khoza tried to calm the storm surrounding his name and behaviour by sharing that he has been in a dark place and is working on his mental health.

The star took to Instagram, to share that he was not himself in the viral videos and implied that he may have had his drinks or food spiked.

Everyone moved on from the situation until Wednesday this week when a video shared of him performing oral sex on an unknown woman went viral.

The explicit video has been highly circulated on social media platforms – something that SK Khoza doesn’t seem to be bothered about.

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Shady decision?

Shortly after the clip was leaked, SK announced that he is joining OnlyFans – much to the surprise of his fans who wondered what sparked this decision.

While he seems okay, his brother, The Wife actor, Abdul Khoza clearly isn’t.

According to Zalebs, Abdul took to the comment section of SK’s post to ask him to call him.

“Please Bro I Beg. Call Me Now Please,” he commented.