Generations Buntu Petse engagement

Buntu Petse. image via Instagram @buntu_p

She said YES: Generations actress Buntu Petse’s engagement breaks Insta [pictures]

Generations: The Legacy star actress Buntu Petse’s engagement with his fiance left fans amazed on Instagram.

Generations Buntu Petse engagement

Buntu Petse. image via Instagram @buntu_p

Generations actress Buntu Petse shared the pictures of her engagement, and fans loved it.

Buntu Petse had been at the centre of Generations, where she showed how much she was talented.

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In the past few years, many fans had been wondering who was the man whom she was dating.

She kept it a secret for a long time until she showed him on their engagement.

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Sharing on her Instagram, Buntu Petse spoke much about how she loved her fiance.

She also spoke of how much she was happy whenever she was with her fiance.

“Love has truly been good to me, not even one sad day or minute have I had since you’ve come my way”

Generations Buntu Petse engagement
Buntu Petse and his fiance. image via Instagram @buntu_p


Indeed, Buntu Petse’s fiance took his time to prepare for such an engagement.

He brought many expensive things that few people can afford in South Africa.

He brought one of their photos and got some flowers and candles to lighten and freshen the environment.

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Upon asking her to marry him, he went down on one knee, and Buntu Petse said yes.

After that, the two love birds hugged and enjoyed their moment, drinking and eating.


After the Generations star Buntu Petse shared her engagement pictures, many fans congratulated her.

“Oh my love!!!🥹♥️ Congratulations!! May God’s favour and grace rest upon you guys!”

“Congratulations may God always keep you together and happy all the best sweetheart u are loved 🥰 🥹❤️🙏🏻”

“Halalaaaaa! Nguwo, nguwo, nguwo! 🥳🥳💃🏾 Huge congratulations to you and Londa my babes. May the good Lord continue blessing your union! ❤️”

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“Congratulations Young sis ❤️🔥❤️ wish yal love , peace and prosperity”

“Congratulations to you guys aaw baby girl so happy for you ❤️❤️🔥🙌”

“Mom and dad sana 😍😍🔥🔥🔥😭😭 congratulations my angel, I love you guys both so much. May the Lord bless and guide this union. 🥹❤️”.