Six crazy South African celebrity stories
Image by Pexels

Scandals, stalkers and more: Six crazy SA celebrity stories

Here are some of the most weird and wonderful scandals from the world of South African celebrities.


Six crazy South African celebrity stories
Image by Pexels

Celebrities like Johnny Rotten and Miley Cyrus are no strangers to scandals, stalkers, and strange stuff. 

Sex Pistols band member Johnny Rotten recently ended up face-to-face with a reported stalker in the garden of his Los Angeles home, and singer-actress Miley Cyrus famously had her accounts hacked together with other female celebs back in 2011.

But scandals don’t just happen in Los Angeles. Here are some of the most weird and wonderful scandals from the world of South African celebrities.

Anele Mdoda had a stalker ex-boyfriend

Presenter and personality Anele Mdoda revealed to radio station 947 that she had a stalker ex-boyfriend in her past.

Describing her phone’s Find My iPhone feature, she said, “That’s how my ex used to track me.” 

According to reports, what she thought were simple spam messages turned out to be her creepy ex-boyfriend using her phone to track her movements.

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Somizi Mhlongo had his WhatsApp hacked

In March 2022, chef and personality Somizi Mhlongo announced via Instagram that he thought his WhatsApp might have been hacked.

After noticing that messages and calls don’t go through, he let fans and followers know to be careful:  “Please be warned about anyone pretending to be me asking for e-wallet.” 

South Africa is no stranger to cash-transfer and remote access scams, which are believed to be on the rise.

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Helen Zille lost cash to scammers

Author, struggle stalwart, and politician Helen Zille has also fallen prey to scammers.

News outlets reported that Zille lost hard-earned cash to scammers who pretended to be calling from her bank. According to news, Zille was phoned by someone who claimed to be from the bank’s “anti-fraud” department.

She was asked for her personal details and finally, a code to reverse a fake debit order — and it wasn’t long before scammers gained access to her accounts.

Casper de Vries was once found “passed out naked in the streets of Linden”

Actor, artist, and comedian Casper de Vries found himself in an interesting position: “Passed out naked in the streets of Linden” back in 2018.

Casper warned his fans to never “drink sleeping pills (sic) and then wash it down with clean SKYY vodka” after he was found and brought home by a friend. Other than a few scrapes and bruises, Casper was reported to be okay after the event.

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Trevor Noah was arrested as a teenager

According to his bestselling memoir “Born a Crime”, comedian Trevor Noah was once arrested for driving a suspected stolen vehicle as a teenager.

Noah would borrow cars from his stepfather’s vehicle repair shop on occasion. Unfortunately, during one of his trips with a borrowed car, he was pulled over — and the car’s plates didn’t match the registration details.

As the story goes, Noah was in jail for a week before his mother posted his bail.

Gregg Pettigrew reportedly shot and killed his partner

In April 2023, The South African website reported on a rare South African crime of passion involving a famous television actor. 

Gregg Pettigrew had reportedly shot his partner, Dean Jeran, before attempting to commit suicide.

Pettigrew is best known for his roles in some of the most famous South African shows, including Getroud Met Rugby and 7de Laan.

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