Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. Image: Instagram via @_duchess_of_sussex

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. Image: Instagram via @_duchess_of_sussex

Prince Harry declares the United States as his ‘New Country’

Prince Harry has officially declared the United States as his “new country,” marking a pivotal moment in his post-royal journey.

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. Image: Instagram via @_duchess_of_sussex

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. Image: Instagram via @_duchess_of_sussex

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has made a significant declaration by listing the United States as his primary residence. This marked a bold step in his journey since breaking away from the British royal family in 2020.


In a move that caught the attention of many, Harry updated his housing records to reflect his new status as a resident of the US.

This update was noted in documents obtained by the Daily Mail, submitted by Companies House for Harry’s eco-travel venture, Travalyst.

The official switch was made apparent with a listed “date of change” as 29 June, 2023. This closely followed Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from their UK home on 28 June.


The relocation occurred after facing eviction from Frogmore Cottage by King Charles III, further solidifying their separation from the royal fold.

The implications of this residency renunciation on Harry’s titles remain uncertain. Many speculate in regard to a potential discussion with his father during his upcoming London visit.

Despite this legal maneuver, Harry emphasised his emotional attachment to the UK.

He stated in December 2023 that it remained his “home,” albeit one he felt “forced” to leave due to safety concerns for his family, according to Page Six.


Expressing interest in obtaining American citizenship, Harry has been vocal about his appreciation for life in California.

This is where he and Meghan have resided with their children for the past four years.

He described the West Coast living experience as “amazing,” indicating their intent to stay put for the foreseeable future, according to New York Post.

However, hurdles may lie ahead for Harry’s citizenship aspirations, particularly concerning his past drug use revealed in his memoir, “Spare.”


While some legal experts speculate on potential visa issues, others argue that his recreational drug experimentation is unlikely to pose a significant obstacle unless coupled with legal complications.

The prospect of renouncing his royal titles to pursue citizenship further complicates matters.

This is outlined by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) policy.

This requirement could potentially clash with Harry’s recent endeavors, including the launch of a website centered around his royal connections.


In the midst of these developments, opinions vary regarding the implications of Harry’s residency shift.

Some view it as a natural progression towards embracing his newfound independence and identifying outside the confines of royal protocol.

Others speculate on the complexities and potential sacrifices involved in navigating dual citizenship and royal obligations.


Ultimately, Prince Harry’s decision to declare the United States as his “new country” underscores his ongoing journey of self-discovery. He has an urge to adapt beyond the confines of his royal lineage.

As he forges ahead, navigating the intricacies of citizenship and identity, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in his remarkable story.