Riri Rihanna

Riri has was spotted shopping for baby clothes. Image via Twitter @rihnavvy

Bargain-loving Riri spotted holding dress while shopping for baby clothes

Riri has left fans convinced she’s expecting a girl after she was spotted buying baby girl clothing at a Target store recently.

Riri Rihanna

Riri has was spotted shopping for baby clothes. Image via Twitter @rihnavvy

If US singer Rihanna’s fans ever needed a sign of what the sex of the baby is, this was definitely it. The star was spotted shopping at US store Target and was holding up certain baby items – one of which was a pretty little dress. Many of those who have spotted the photos of Riri shopping for her baby are now sure that she is expecting a little girl.

Before now, many people have already assumed it was a girl because the Diamonds singer had worn a pink coat when she first revealed the news to the world.

Is it a girl? Riri spotted shopping for baby clothes

Over the last few months, millions of people have waited eagerly to hear the sex of Rihanna’s baby. The star announced the surprise pregnancy by doing a bump-revealing photoshoot with her long-term boyfriend A$AP Rocky at the beginning of this year.

Since then, she has continued to wow her millions of fans with her bold fashion choices which have almost always made sure that her growing belly was on full display for everyone to see.

And now the star has gotten her fans all riled up after she was spotted shopping for baby clothes – at Target nonetheless.

In one of the photos that were taken by the paparazzi, the singer and businesswoman was seen holding up a tiny little dress – something that has convinced her many fans that she is definitely expecting a baby girl.

Shopping thrifty

Many fans were also impressed with the fact that Rihanna, who is a multi-billionaire – was shopping for baby clothes at Target, a relatively inexpensive store that accommodates the needs of people from all class groups.

Riri, who is the world’s wealthiest female musician with a net worth estimated at around $1.7bn apparently loves a good bargain.

Daily Mail reports that the dress Rihanna bought cost only $18 (around R267) which is nowhere near the thousand-dollar Gucci and Versace clothes we were expecting her little one to be dressed in.

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