Nonku Williams

Nonku Williams celebrated her birthday in Dubai. Image via Instagram @nonku_williams

From Durban to Dubai: Nonku Williams celebrates 44 in style

‘RHOD’ star Nonku Williams celebrated turning 44 by having the time of her life in Dubai. Take a look at some of her snaps…

Nonku Williams

Nonku Williams celebrated her birthday in Dubai. Image via Instagram @nonku_williams

Real Housewives of Durban star Nonku Williams recently turned 44 years old. The star celebrated the big 44 with a raunchy photoshoot that featured a bathtub and a lot of fake dollars. While the shoot didn’t exactly receive a standing ovation from social media users, she has seemingly decided to ignore her haters.

The reality TV star jetted off to Dubai where judging by her posts, she is having the time of her life. Let’s have a look inside her little vacation.

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Nonku Williams celebrates 44 in Dubai

Earlier this week, KwaZulu-Natal businesswoman Nonku Williams turned 44.

Being the over the top glamorous queen that she is, she celebrated her birthday by posting saucy snaps of herself on Instagram.

Unfortunately, she was instantly criticised by social media users who found the photos a little inappropriate for someone her age.

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Ignoring all of this she shared a heartfelt post about turning one year older.

“Wow. I’m speechless. I cannot believe I have lived this long but as much as they say ‘age is nothing but a number’ to some extent it’s not entirely true. Life has taught me so much, rather God’s grace has kept me. My goodness how I have messed up, failed, but each time He has given me strength, tenacity and resilience to keep pushing and I will keep pushing, I will keep praying, I will never give up and I will continue to live for the purpose He has brought me here for until my last breath,” she wrote.

Nonku Williams' age
Reality star Nonku Williams. Images from Instagram@nonku_williams

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A fabulous birthday

She has also shared a number of snaps from her Dubai trip. Take a look at some of them below:

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