Uncle Waffles KFC burger cried

Uncle Waffles. image via Twitter @unclewaffffles

‘Pls pls pls’: Uncle Waffles cried after KFC burger visuals [video]

Uncle Waffles cried on Insta as fans were divided about her KFC burger – some even threatened to boycourt it.

Uncle Waffles KFC burger cried

Uncle Waffles. image via Twitter @unclewaffffles

Swazi-born DJ and record producer Uncle Waffles cried after watching the KFC burger visuals.

This is a massive step in her journey, but it seems too early and fast that she can’t believe it.

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KFC named one of its burgers after her, and it appeared fans received the news with mixed emotions.

Some praise Uncle Waffles for making such business deals successful, but some do not.

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Several fans even voiced out against the burger and threatened not to buy it.

All this is what fans feel, and they are expressing it; that is not Uncle Waffles’ feelings.

Sharing the video of the Uncle Waffles burger, she cried.

“Pls pls pls”


One thing is for sure: Uncle Waffles has lived in a dreamland since her rise to the top.

She is one of the fastest-rising entertainers in Southern Africa and is already an international star in a couple of years.

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Making such moves outside music would only mean more strides for the young lady.

She can’t believe what is happening, and Uncle Waffles is already a massive brand.

One of her fans shared the video on his Instagram, and it seemed some fans were already buying this burger because of her.

Uncle Waffles’ KFC burger. video via Instagram @unclewaffles_


Uncle Waffles cried on Instagram but penned a Tweet promoting the KFC burger, and it seemed many fans loved it,

“It looks so juicy and yummy!!! Uncle Waffles x KFC did the thing on this one sana 💃💃”

“I tasted this uncle waffles burger at Kentucky town😍 I enjoyed it”

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“Back like it never left 😍😍 need to have the Uncle Waffles burger again in the city where it started PRETORIA!!, I love KFC”

“Uncle Waffles burger looks too delicious 🥺🥺 hopefully I can find it in my area Pretoria 🤭 KFC doesn’t play child”

“Finally😍 Uncle Waffles and KFC pulling through for us on this one is absolutely a win for us😍 I love, I love it 🤭”