Penny Lebyane Sangoma Khanyisa! Honey TV

Penny Lebyane ha left the show to pursue personal interests. Images via Instagram: @pennylebyane

Penny quits Honey TV’s ‘Sangoma, Khanyisa!’ after two seasons

It is not yet clear why Penny Lebyane left ‘Sangoma Khanyisa!’ but she says she is proud to be in collaboration with more established media.

Penny Lebyane Sangoma Khanyisa! Honey TV

Penny Lebyane ha left the show to pursue personal interests. Images via Instagram: @pennylebyane

Radio Personality Penny Lebyane has announced that after being with Honey TV’s Sangoma Khanyisa! for two seasons, she is calling it quits.

“I have come to the decision to depart from the show, in pursuit of opportunities that I had put aside in order to ensure that the presentation of African spirituality was authentically presented,” Penny said in a released statement.

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Penny says she initially agreed to be part of the show because “It spoke to all those issues about how people understand. I said yes because I was on the lookout for it, because I was trying to understand what was going on”.


The broadcaster said when she was approached to be a part of the show, she saw this as an opportunity to be part of content creation that would give dignity and humanity to African spirituality.

“With these two seasons, I have fulfilled my personal mission, which is to contribute and advance the conversation/narrative on where mental health and African spirituality meet”

“I hope that the show continues on the path of instilling African spiritual values authentically and give healing to those who are wounded spiritually,” Penny says in the since deleted statement.

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The mother of two says she will to work more established media companies and broadcasting partners through her company, Township Girl M.

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Honey TV has not responded to Penny’s statement but social media users were quick to point out how Penny mentioned that she wants with a more established media house.

Hiney TV and the producers of the show have not said anything about Penny’s departure.

In may this year, the veteran TV personality found herself on the wrong side of Twitter after she expressed her support for Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa’s controversial multi-million rand flag project.

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